adultery tip

The Ziggy Cup!.

Uh oh, got a hot date with your AP to roll around on snowy white sheets with all the oral sex you can take, tons of rough PIV sex, but got your period and but don’t want your hotel room/lover’s face to look like a murder scene?Enter the Ziggy Cup! It’s a menstrual cup that fits over your cervix and holds the blood in- when it’s inserted correctly, you and your partner can’t feel it and you can have all the crazy oral/vaginal/whatever sex you want without blood getting on everything.I can’t say enough good things about it! basically makes your period a complete non-issue so you don’t have to worry about staining anything while you get your freak on. And if you’re lover happens to be squeaking about going down on you while you’re heavily menstruating, then here’s the solution!Of course YMMV, but it's been my favorite purchase of this year :)