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Don’t Skip Your Break

I have skipped my break on night shift more than a few times because the unit was absolutely horrible. But I can tell you, I was no good to anybody. You are not a “hero” because you skipped your break and worked harder. I know you want to be a team player when the chips are down, but the reality is you need to rest, eat, drink and use the bathroom – even for a couple of minutes to reboot your energy stores. This reduces errors, minimizes fatigue and stops you from becoming sick from overworking yourself.

Plus, your boss is taking out your break time from your pay anyway!

Coordinate your break with your fellow colleagues and get away from your desk or the direct working environment. Enjoy your home-cooked food surrounded by your workmates in a separate space such as the tea room or separate “hang out space” if available. This is a great time to catch up and also importantly allows your brain to rest and reset. We are not invincible to fatigue as much we want to fight it. We recently wrote an article titled, Shift Work Burnout: Causes, Red Flags and How to Beat It​ which I think is very timely right about now.