apexlegends tip

Play with a Bangalore, and she will teach you important stuff with her pings!.

I appreciate ping-happy Bangalore players, because her voicelines can really teach you about weapons and attachments."Hop up here: Skullpiercer. Use this on a Longbow or Wingman.""Hop up here: Turbocharger. Attach this to a Devotion..."(*Bangalore's hop up lines seem to be the only ones that specify which ones go with which weapons.)"Flatline here. This weapon kicks, so you'll want to get a barrel stabilizer.""Prowler here. Pick up a Select Fire for it."Etc...Her ping lines might seem a little wordy to high leveled players, but I think this was a super creative way for the devs to dispense this info. I actually found myself learning from Bangalore at level 40-ish that Energy weapons have significantly less bullet drop.