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Sports YouTube Video Ideas

  • Match AnalysisHere’s your chance to analyze a good match after it occurs. A match can also be discussed in real time with your YouTube community via your channel. Live chat is an excellent place to ask questions and get responses from your audience.
  • Throwback videosListicle videos are excellent for sharing memorable moments (one from each sport great for this one) from the sports you love. Make a video showing how to do trick shots.
  • Showcase the best of/top 5Every sports fan loves going back to his or her favorite moments. The best and most noteworthy goals, innings, and shots have been listed.
  • Cover legendary rivalries in sportsThere are epic stories in every game, and some rivalries are legendary. Put together a video that explains the rivalry and shares your opinion of it. Vice posted a video discussing the most dangerous rivalries in football.Discuss sports news and updates with your YouTube community, Sports workout routine, Share speeches of your favorite players, Showcase the journey of your favorite sports stars, Share with your audience the weirdest or funniest moments in sports they might not have seen, Talk about your favorite sportsperson’s early days, their greatest achievements, and who they were as individuals

Fitness and Health Video Ideas

  • Health & Fitness Q&AAnswer comments and questions your audience sends you on social media and in the YouTube comments.
  • Workout routine videosYour audience can also get a glimpse into your daily routine when you vlog your workout routine or what you eat (e.g., in this health vlog). I also think debunking celebrity workout routines would be a great idea. Your audience can also follow workout guides every day.
  • Tell your fitness storyShare your fitness story with your audience to discuss the obstacles you overcame on your way to getting fit.
  • Test fitness challengesTrends and challenges abound on the internet. Play with these challenges and test viral hacks that have caught the attention of the internet.
  • Review fitness gadgetsReviewing fitness gadgets is another great idea for your fitness channel.

Beauty and Fashion Video Ideas

  • Shopping haul videosIn this video, Amber Scholl takes her audience shopping with her and shows them what she picked up in her latest shopping spree. Create a best-buys video with your favorite products (luxury and drugstore).
  • Videos about your closet, makeup kit, and other thingsDescribe your closet or makeup kit in a video. You can also show how to pair different outfits and create popular looks by using everyday objects, like this really cool video by JENerationDIY. Like this video, you can also discuss different ways to style and dress a single outfit.
  • Videos about fashion & beautyThink about starting your own fashion challenge or jumping on the bandwagon of a trend, like my boyfriend does my makeup challenge.Create a makeup look or outfit that you love by giving a step-by-step tutorial. Another idea is to make a video of your daily skincare and beauty routine, show how you get ready, clear out your wardrobe, share your closet essentials, recreate celebrity looks, try out popular make-up hacks, or review celebrity looks.

Funny video ideas

  • Scripted comical skitShow real-life situations using scripted videos, like Lilly Singh in this video.
  • Prank videosFeaturing harmless pranks like Jimmy Kimmel’s compilation of I told my kids I ate their Halloween candy.
  • Funny animal videosYou can put together a funny video of your little one or pet doing funny or adorable things every time they do it.
  • Funny Challenge videosMaking videos from Internet challenges is fun and makes for good content. Take for example, the Mannequin Challenge or the lip sync challenge.
  • ParodiesUsing funny impersonations and exaggerating effects, parody popular movies, songs, and TV shows.

Technology/Software Video Ideas

  • Gadget reviews and comparisonsI review new gadgets, compare gadgets, and provide early-bird previews of products, as well as unboxing videos (such as the iPhone Magsafe). As well as apps, you can discuss useful software.
  • Ultimate test videos Inform your readers about the latest tech news and rumors. Your audience will be entertained and informed by a review of a new or trending product within your niche. If you want your review to be valuable, make sure it is honest and interesting. You could even make recurring reviews videos. Make tech timelines, show your setup, provide cheatsheets and hacks, make a video on the tech you use every day, tell the truth about XYZ product, showcase new inventions that are changing the game, showcase budget-friendly solutions.

Gamers Video Ideas

  • Gaming ReviewsTo help your audience make an informed choice, you can review the latest games or compare two. Like this video on Nintendo Switch, make videos about good independent games that aren’t getting the attention they deserve. In addition to reviewing consoles and accessories, you can also do a haul video featuring the accessories you own.
  • Live StreamsIn addition to building rapport with your viewers, live-streaming is an excellent way to include them on your journey in real-time. During a live stream, you could answer questions and provide your viewers with insight.
  • Game commentaryPosting a video is not always dependent on playing the game. Video commentary on another gamer is recommended – preferably one who is highly regarded. YouTubers who do gaming content or those who have a lot of gaming content they can Share in-game footage, Create game guides, Share cutscenes from your game, Make gaming parody videos , Play games with other channels & creators.

Educational / Tutorial / DIY YouTube video ideas

  • How-to-videosIt is a great idea to produce how-to videos for people asking questions about something they aren’t familiar with – such as creating a shoppable post on Instagram or showing them how to assemble a product.
  • Public service announcementsThe topics you can choose from include cyberbullying, driving while wearing a seatbelt, and more. This PSA video is really good on sexual harassment.
  • DIY VideosCreate a step-by-step process that your audience can follow. A great way to teach your audience how to do things at home or creatively reuse everyday objects without spending money is to show them how to make things. Here are some DIY life hacks, best ways to reuse waste, and easy crafts videos for you.
  • Explainer videosCreate a video that explains a concept from start to finish. Explainer videos can help businesses to better explain what they do or how their products work. Watch this amazing explainer video by GooglePay.
  • Interview professionals and expertsObtain the opinions of people who are relevant to your audience and interview them on relevant topics. Additionally, you can use these videos to dispel myths, make a point and show their journey to success, such as in this interview with Richard Branson.

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