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Make splinter removals less painful.

Put a paste of baking soda and water on a splinter and leave for a few minutes, the baking soda will push the splinter out saving your child an unnecessarily painful splinter removal.

Keep apple slices from getting brown.

Put the apple slices in a lunch bag, sprinkle salt over the pieces and give them a quick slosh with water. The salty taste is washed away but the brief exposure to salt keeps them looking fresh all day!

Use a baby monitor app while on vacation.

Use this app to take care of your kid with your Apple or Android product. No extra equipment needed.

Need to wean your baby off a pacifier? Cut away a small piece of the nipple each time your child uses it.

Eventually the baby won’t like the feeling and soon there won’t be anything left to suck and she’ll throw it away herself. (Be sure to keep it extra clean during the process.)

Use hands-on alphabet activities.

Go on a scavenger hunt, play with shaving cream, and much more. These alphabet activities are perfect for your class.

Use these strategies for writing instruction.

From invented spelling to punctuation and using words in context, these tips will help your newbie writers catch on quickly.

Try daily STEM challenges.

These STEM challenges are designed with your kinders in mind. Try one each day or each week to get their minds thinking outside the box.


Here’s your final pet photography tip: Experiment! Because while the advice in this article will certainly get you some great shots… …there’s always room to try new things! So take your time and enjoy the session. Don’t be afraid to test different approaches, angles, and compositions. Shoot a lot; you can worry about the results later!

Be patient

Pet photography requires a lot of patience. Dogs, cats, and other pets can be pretty excitable – but if you’re patient enough, your furry friend will end up relaxing. And that’s when you can get some of your best shots! In fact, you might consider starting your photoshoot with action images. Then, as your pet calms down, you can capture intimate close-ups, cute poses, and more.

Time your session carefully

If you want to capture some formal-looking pet photography, then “schedule” your photoshoot when your animal is somewhat sleepy. You might shoot after your pet has woken up from a nap. Or you might shoot late in the day, when your pet is tired and lacks energy. That way, it will be much easier to capture a sharp shot. Of course, if you want a more dynamic series of shots, then grab your camera at a time when your pet is especially active!