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Go on a field trip.

Kinders are a wild bunch and taking them anywhere might seem daunting, but field trips provide kids with the kind of real-world learning that really sticks with them. These kindergarten field trips will keep your young students interested and (mostly) out of trouble. We even have virtual ones!

Use music for everything.

“Music is needed and is a good way to transition. Find a welcome song and an afternoon song (can be the same tune with different words) to start and close your day. It makes a world of difference.” —Anne H.

Count the days of school and celebrate when you reach 100!

There are so many different fun ways to celebrate the 100th day of school. We’ve got a whole collection of activities for you!

Begin teaching shapes.

Learning shapes is one of the earliest concepts we teach kids. Shapes ready them for geometry in the years ahead, but it’s also an important skill for learning how to write and draw. Get started with these activities.

Watch math videos!

Making math more engaging for kids can be difficult. But teaching math will be anything but boring when you introduce students to some of our favorite subtraction and addition videos on YouTube.

Incorporate kindergarten math games.

Kindergarten offers so many opportunities to help students find learning truly enjoyable. These kindergarten math games teach concepts in fun and meaningful ways.

Find hands-on ways to teach number sense.

Source: The Printable Princess Number sense is key in kindergarten. You’ll want to cover it again and again.

Organize your instruction around themes.

When you structure your lessons thematically, you provide your kids with more “hooks” for learning. Check out this blog by Fun-a-Day for some great ideas.

Sneak in the learning with games.

“I like playing ‘I have, who has’ games. I take their picture on the first day of school and create an ‘I have who has’ game with their photos, it’s a great way for them to learn names, plus I use their picture for everything” —Lisa G.

Bring technology (in small doses) into the classroom.

Check out our guide to teaching kindergarten online for tips using technology when teaching kindergarten.