Top 10 Apexlegends tips

Use an XP miner when you cant play to get that sweet battle pass level ups!

You're supposed to break off from the jumpmaster and choose your own building/section to loot.

Having all 3 people drop in the exact same house and rush through trying to beat each other to the loot helps nobody, and you're almost guaranteed to die to the first enemy that finds you because none of you actually have dick for equipment.

You can use Bloodhound's tactical ability to locate loot ticks.

You can report cheaters by typing their names into origin and going to their profile

You can actually see your teammates backpack, helmet, knowfown shield when you open inventory

Play with a Bangalore, and she will teach you important stuff with her pings!.

I appreciate ping-happy Bangalore players, because her voicelines can really teach you about weapons and attachments."Hop up here: Skullpiercer. Use this on a Longbow or Wingman.""Hop up here: Turbocharger. Attach this to a Devotion..."(*Bangalore's hop up lines seem to be the only ones that specify which ones go with which weapons.)"Flatline here. This weapon kicks, so you'll want to get a barrel stabilizer.""Prowler here. Pick up a Select Fire for it."Etc...Her ping lines might seem a little wordy to high leveled players, but I think this was a super creative way for the devs to dispense this info. I actually found myself learning from Bangalore at level 40-ish that Energy weapons have significantly less bullet drop.

Just because you spot an enemy in the next settlement over does NOT mean you have to chase after them like a wild animal.

Can’t tell you how many matches were lost last night due to one squad mate hauling ass towards the enemy & giving away our position.

If you hold the "walk backwards" control after grappling to something you will go almost directly to the point of contact with the structure instead of the default swinging motion.

This may already be common knowledge but if its not I wanted to mention this. ​This is great for when you want to grapple to the second level of buildings that have a balcony and instead of it swinging you under the balcony and either detaching or then flinging you back around the balcony straight into the air, holding "backwards" while grappling will almost always bring you straight to the point of contact with the grapple and structure.

High Level Player That Hates Randoms.

You’re a random too. Go make friends or try LFG and stop complaining about who you get matched with.

Don’t loot from your own teammates.

Especially when they can respawn right next to here they died, they need things too.