Apple tips

Create a Sleep Playlist.

If you've got a HomePod in your bedroom, you might consider creating a sleep playlist for some nice ambiance/white noise to help you fall and stay asleep. It turns out there's all kinds of stuff on Apple Music, from rain sounds, to white/pink/brown noise, to soothing orchestral sounds. I found a rain sounds track I like. It's an hour and 15 minutes long, and I just added it 8 times to my sleep playlist, so it plays all night. It's nice!

Swipe left on iOS 5's notification banners to dismiss them.

Swiping left on the new notification banners in iOS 5 will dismiss them. Handy if they're blocking something.

Digital Crown scrolls the dock in watchOS 3.

This is probably old news to most people, but I figured I'd point it out for those like me who didn't know.

Get the old style window buttons back.

To get the horizontal button positions back, close iTunes, go to shell, type:_defaults write full-window -boolean YES_You can switch back to new style with defaults write full-window -boolean NO

Google search directly from Spotlight Search by clicking cmd+B

If Face ID doesn’t recognise you, swipe up anyway.

Nine times out of ten it seems to instantly recognise me if I just swipe up anyway. Try it for yourself!Btw this is just for the times every now and then when it doesn’t recognise me straight away, on the whole I’ve had a seamless experience 99% of the time.

In iTunes, when you are inside a playlist, you can delete any song from your library using ⌥⌘⌫ (alt-command-delete)

Click and hold the green maximize button to enter split-screen selection mode.

When you hold the green maximize button, you will enter a mode where El Cap gives you the option of putting the current app on the right or left of split-screen. After you release it on one side or the other, you can click on any other open app to place it on the other side of the screen. This works for multiple windows of the same app, too! Pretty cool.

You can print the Reader View version of a web page.