Apple tips

Swipe the red button while recording video.

And you won't need your finger on the button, great for the longer shots.

If your iDevice Lightning Cable is Frayed, use the Apple Support App For a Free Replacement.

If your lightning cable frays use the Apple Support app and chat to a person on your iDevice to get a free replacement.I was just able to secure a replacement for my cable that came with my iPhone 7 (just over a year old) that for some reason decided to stop charging a day or two ago. No damage to the cable. I tried several different Apple charger bricks (with green dots), different computers, different sockets; basically every sort of thing to rule out anything other than the cable was dead.One I had bought previous to my iPhone 7 that started fraying around the lightning port and I taped it up. It still works flawlessly and I am currently using it to charge my phone.Tomorrow I am going in to a local Apple Store with both cables and they are going to give me two brand new cables.

Just discovered that you can option-click the Notification Centre icon in the menu bar to enable Do Not Disturb...

Here's a demo of it in action; much more convenient than opening up Notification Centre, pulling it down, and flicking the switch itself. My apologies if the majority of you already knew this, I just wanted to share this with the people who don't.

On the new Macbook Pros, You can adjust the volume and brightness without lifting your finger by holding the volume or brightness icon on the Touch Bar and dragging left and right.

Just a not-so-obvious thing I discovered. It saves a second or two since you don't have to lift your finger and reposition it over the slider.

On macOS, drag after the second click on a double click to select text by words.

Similarly, drag after the third click on a triple click to select text by paragraphs. Once you learn these shortcuts, you'll be using them everywhere.

New Dock Feature in Mojave.

The Dock in macOS Mojave now separates recently used apps out to the right with their own divider.Accompanying that tweak is a preference in the Dock panel (inside System Preferences) called "Show recents in Dock". If you don’t like the new arrangement, untick this option to go back to the old Dock style.

Press into clear notifications on your lock screen to clear all notifications.

Just found this out today!

Enable the Fullscreen API under experimental WebKit features to regain native fullscreen and PIP when watching embedded YouTube videos on iPad.

The shitkickers at YouTube are busy making life difficult for iPad owners who don't want the horrible YouTube app installed, having recently (2-3 months ago) disabled embedded videos from playing in fullscreen for no good reason. (Tested in iOS 12 beta) Head to settings > safari > advanced > experimental WebKit features > Fullscreen API on.Enjoy native video player with fullscreen, PIP, all working. No more of this bullshit "your browser doesn't support full screen" nonsense.

If you put your phone in your pocket in the same orientation every time, it's really easy to change the volume through a pants pocket.

I've gotten into the habit of putting my phone in my right pocket with the home button up and volume buttons facing outwards. With your phone like this, it's really really easy to change the volume without taking out your phone, or even putting your hand in your pocket. Just feel for the buttons and press them through your jeans/shorts/etc.It's not perfect, but it works well enough for me, and I consider myself a bit of a volume micromanager. Please save your comments about how you prefer to use the Apple Watch, how much Siri sucks, or how Apple needs to implement built in volume controls. We all know.

Keeping the home button pressed while talking to Siri will prevent her from interrupting you on iOS 10.

Can someone try this on older iOS?