Apple tips

Jump directly to the URL bar in Safari on iPhone 6s.

Force touch the safari icon and select new tap this will open the keyboard and allow you to immediately start typing in the url bar. I haven't seen this mentioned yet and it is super useful!

Use the iPhone app not the website.

I was able to get in much faster. If you use the website make sure to clear your cache. Good luck.

Make Siri read aloud Emojis in different languages.

Favorites are "Smiling pile of poo" and "Face with no mouth"How To Do It:After you typed-in the symbols, tap and hold the screen to select the items.Next, release, tap on Select All and next press the right arrow to navigate to the Speak option. Hit it and a female/male voice, depending on your setting, will start reading out the symbols for you.Important:You need Speak Selection to be enabled on your iOS device, for this trick to work. Simply tap on Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speech -> Speak Selection and check if the ON/OFF switch is green (active). From the same menu, you can adjust Speaking Rate and adjust Voices.

You can highlight more precisely by holding Option + Command

You can use peek and pop on the month view in the Calendar app.

I haven't seen this mentioned yet and it's one of my favourite uses for peek/pop thus far.When you're on the month view in Calendar and you 3D Touch one of the days, you'll see a peek at the list view, and if you press harder, you'll pop into it. The list you see changes depending on what day you press (ie. the month is not just one touch target).Also, you can peek/pop each event in the list below the calendar.

Siri can schedule in different Time Zones.

In case you are unaware (as I was), you can ask Siri to create a reminder in a certain time zone, and she'll schedule it in whatever time zone you are in.For example, I asked Siri to remind me about a broadcast at 2pm PST, and she scheduled it for 5pm (EST - my time zone).

You can do split screen for tabs in safari on iOS 11.

I was just browsing the internet and found this by mistake and thought I would share.

In iOS 13 you can now scan documents right inside of the files app.

Just scroll up, tap “...” and “Scan document”

Enable PIP For Local Videos In macOS Sierra By Dragging The File Into Safari's Search Bar.

This will open the video in Safari's video player which supports picture-in-picture and works for any video format that is natively supported by quicktime.