Apple tips

You can disable double power button click for Apple Pay in order to get rid of the delay when locking your screen.

Go to Settings -> Wallet & Apple Pay -> Disable Double Click Side ButtonMaybe not a wise choice for those that frequently use apple pay, I however rarely use it at physical retailers and am much happier with how quick the phone locks now.

Create a custom ring tone with five seconds of quiet at the start. This way it will start by just vibrating, giving you time to react before the signal starts playing.

Better organize your dock by adding blank spaces between your apps.

See here!I try to stay really organized in my Dock, and that starts with creating chunks of apps that fit a similar category. This is really easily done by following these instructions:1. Open Terminal2. Type defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}'3. Hit Enter4. Type killall Dock5. Hit EnterAnd that's it! You should see a blank space in your Dock that you can drag around wherever you want. You can do this as many times as you want. I usually even add one at the very end to separate the apps that are currently open but not kept in my Dock.

You can press the power button to stop screen recording so that the Control Center doesn’t appear at the end of the video.

And the notification about the video being saved in the Photos app will be displayed on the cover sheet right after.

If you're going to take a photo with the sole intention of sending it via iMessage (and then immediately deleting it from Photos), use the camera functionality built in to iMessage; it doesn't save the pic to your camera roll.

Sharing Between PC and iOS using SMB and Files app.

When taking photos of tall structures, use the panoramic mode but turn your phone horizontal.

Discovered this while doing a lot of hiking. Has a cool effect for capturing mountains, buildings, etc.

You can rent many books for free through the Kindle app on iOS and macOS if you have a library card.

Download the Libby app: on your iOS device, sign in with your library card, and browse books. Once you have rented the book, it will be available on all of your devices with the Kindle app installed.

After recording an Animoji, you can swipe between different ones. The facial recording can be used between all Animojis without recording again if you’d like to change that marvelous chicken lip sync to a unicorn.

Reopen recently closed tabs in Safari by holding the "+" button (new tab button)