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Search on current page

To search for something on the current webpage, type your search text in the smart search field, and right at the bottom, you’ll see a section called “On This Page” that shows you the number of matches. On tapping the last cell under the “On This Page”, Safari will take you to the first occurrence of your search text on the current page, and from there you can jump through all the occurrences using the back and forward button at the bottom.

Calendar tip

In the Calendar app, the list view is a much easier view to to scroll through the events in the month or year.  So here are the steps: You need to go to the month view. Here you need to tap on the combination list/month view button to the left of the search icon. Then tap on any day in the month. Now tap on the list view icon to the left of the search icon. Voila! This will highlight the list button and you should see the the list view of events in the month. ➤ How to access the event list view in Calendar app

Reading list

If you’ve come across a long article that you find interesting but don’t want to read right now, you can add it to Safari’s Reading List, which syncs across all your iOS devices and Macs. You can save items to your Reading List by tapping the share button in Safari, then tapping on the glass icon. iOS 7 or later also lets third parties add items to Safari’s reading list, so you could even add links from the Share menu in apps. You can access your Reading List by tapping the Bookmarks icon in Safari’s toolbar, and switching to the tab with the Glasses icon.

Recover and Permanently Deleting Photos

When you delete a photo or video in the Camera app, it is not deleted permanently. They’re just marked for deletion, and are accessible in the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app for 30 days. You can either recover the photo if you had accidentally deleted it or permanently delete the photo from the Recently Deleted album. ➤ How to recover deleted photos and videos ➤ How to permanently delete photos and videos

Separate controls for focus and exposure

You could set the exposure manually while taking a photo in the Camera app. While taking a photo, first tap on the screen to focus. Once you’ve set the focus, you’ll now see a brightness scale, which is the exposure control. Dragging your finger along the scale will make the photo lighter or darker. ➤ How to use the new camera features in iOS 8

Safari Reader

You can tap on the icon to the left of the smart search field (address or search bar) to access the Safari Reader feature, which displays web articles without ads or clutter. The icon turns white when the Reader functionality is activated.

Access History

You can access the browser history for a particular tab with a long tap on the back or forward button, so you can quickly jump to the site you had visited.

Recently closed tabs

If you’ve mistakenly closed a tab, or simply want to open a tab you’ve closed from your last browsing session, just tap and hold the “+” button to see a list of all your recently closed tabs.

Purchasing Your Own Land

There are TONS of companies in Second Life that just sell land for you to do whatever your heart desires.  You can purchase a full sim, homestead sim (private but less prims) or a portion of a sim (parcel).  See my Second Life glossary for more terms and definitions.  You actually own the land and can choose to run a business, put a home down, etc and you can truly rate shop for the best options.  Search in world or on forums for land to rent.

Community Sims – Second Life Land Managed by Residents

Want to live in a metropolis? No problem.  There are tons of community sims out there.    These are great for those who want Second Life land without all the building associated with it.  A quick in world search for community will yield lots of results of great places to live.  I showed one of my small neighborhoods at The Monarchy Estates in the video.  (ps Queenbmommi Resident is the one to contact if you’re interested in renting with me or going on the waitlist for the new sim). These are owned by other residents and can be as small as a single parcel or large with multiple sims connected.  A lot of the sims may have a role play component, businesses in the city, etc.  Depending on how active the sim is, you may have neighbors and the opportunity to meet other people.