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How to Sell/Rent Second Life Land

I will most likely do a separate post about this because there is a ton of information.  However, if you own a plot of land and you want to rent it out or maybe even create a community of your own, here are some quick tips.

  • You can parcel land off by editing the terrain and making multiple plots available – great option for those building communities.  Instead of just putting houses next to each other, parcel them off.  Decorate your sim first, then select the land around a house and divide it.  This will allow separate settings and even security for that one house.  Need help doing it? Check this out.
  • You’ll need to determine how much space, how many prims, and how many rights your residents will get
  • Once your sim is completed and parceled off, you’ll need a rental system that will allow your residents to make payment.  One of the most popular is Casper.  They also have security that links to your rentals so residents can control their own security.
  • You may also need to create a land group so you can give renters certain rights, such as rezzing.
  • If you want to automate things – ie automatically send renters a group invite when they rent – you can use a bot service to automate your group.  The most popular is smartbots.
  • You’ll need to promote your available rentals through a website, social media, Second Life forums, or by throwing events on your land.

Digitize Photos

If you have boxes of old photos that you don’t want to get rid of, see if you can scan them and store them digitally instead.

Create a Filing System

Does your kitchen table double as a home for mail, bills, and other documents? Invest in a filing cabinet and create file folders that will help you organize your life. Next time you get your credit card statement, you can just drop it into the file folder specifically designated for credit card statements, rather than letting it sit on the kitchen table for weeks.

Everything Needs a Home

If you don’t want to bother thinking about where you’re going to put it, chances are you don’t need it.

Decrease Knick Knacks

This one can feel overwhelming at times, and can even get emotional depending on how many sentimental items you have. You don’t need to get rid of the vase that belonged to your great-grandma who passed away. The key here is to look at each knick knack through the lens of whether it brings value to your life. If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, you might be amazed at how much meaningless stuff you had lying around, and how much space you’re about to free up.

Make Use of the Library

It’s there for a reason, and part of that reason is preventing you from having to buy and store every book you want to read. Rent your books and then return them. Or if you want to own them, buy them electronically.

Donate Books

Many people have multiple bookshelves overflowing with books they haven’t read in decades, or at all! Keep the books you love. Donate the others.

Digitize Movies and Music

Rather than keeping CD and DVD cases lying around, use portable cases to store them and get rid of the plastic containers. Or if you are comfortable going digital, store your movies and music on an external hard drive and save even more space.

Bath Towels

Towels can take up a lot of space. Keep enough for each member of the household, plus a few extras. You don’t need an entire hall closet devoted to bath towels.

Reduce Toiletries

If you have 15 different shampoos, stop buying shampoo for a while. Use them up. Or get a shampoo bar that lasts longer. Love this eco-friendly one! Get into the habit of having one bottle of shampoo, with one extra in the closet for when you run out. Follow a similar system for things like body washes, toothpaste, etc.