Chrome tips

Battery Saving

Can’t plug in your system’s charging? Do not worry! You can run your device on battery saving mode using chrome however, you might have to experience a low system performance. To activate this mode, go to settings and scroll down to the system section by expanding the Advanced tab. From there, disable the option “ Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed”.

Play Offline

Do you spend a major share of your day on your computer? Care for some break? If so, then you must go offline and take a break while playing a simple yet refreshing game. To play this offline game, disconnect your device from the internet and open a fresh google search page. While the page will come up with no internet caption, you can press the spacebar and begin playing an easy peasy dinosaur game.

Browse Using Keys

If you have opened many tabs at a time, it can get cumbersome to navigate to different tabs using the mouse. But with the combination of a few keys, you can navigate from one tab to another with your fingertips. Simply hold the control and press on any number from 1 to 9 depending on which tab is opened at which number. For example, if you want to open the third tab just press the ctrl+2 keys simultaneously.

Start where you Left

When you launch Chrome, it appears with a blank page. But if you want your last page to be restored every time you open the browser after restarting your system then go to Chrome’s Settings and select On startup. After this, click on the “continue where you left off” option to continue with where you left.

Mute Tabs

It’s certainly irritating to get caught by the sound of video ads or something else while you open any webpage. But, with Chrome you can detect which site is playing that sound with the help of a small speaker-like icon on the tab. So, when this happens with you, just look for the little speaker icon and whichever tab is playing that sound, right-click on it, and hit the mute tab button to mute the sound without leaving the tab.

Block Notifications

Sick and tired of receiving unwanted notifications? Block them with Chrome! Go to Settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the browser’s screen and then select Privacy and security. From here, select Site settings and then select Notifications from under Permissions. After this, a new page will open with a Notification toggle enabled. Click on this toggle to switch it off.

Omnibox- To Search Directly Inside The Sites

Chrome allows you to search sites or references without navigating anywhere as long as it includes the list of search engines. For example, if you want to visit Wikipedia without accessing Google or Wikipedia front page. To enable this, navigate to Settings and click on Search engine followed by selecting Manage Search Engines. Here, you will see the default search engine, sides available for quick access, and the option to add a new website to the list.

Drag and Drop Images and Media

If you ever need to check any image or media quickly, just drag it to Chrome and it will show the image, play video or let you listen to music, instantly.

Handwritten Notes

You can now scan your handwritten notes using your phone with Google Lens and paste the content on your computer with the help of your Chrome browser. For this, ensure that there is the latest chrome version installed on your system and phone. For android devices, the Google Lens app is needed and for iPhone users, install the Google app with access to the lens.

Adding Link to Desktop

You can add a clickable link to your desktop with Chrome using its in-built feature. Go to three dots located at the top right corner of the screen and select more tools followed by selecting Create Shortcut. After this, type the name and select Create from the pop-up window.