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Translocator Bait.

There is one gimmicky play I recently discovered with Sombra. If you throw your translocator to some area, visible by the enemy, someone will, usually, come over to camp it, and while they are doing that, they tend to relax a bit and stand still, that's where you come up to them and shoot them from behind, they are likely to panic and you have pretty good chance for a kill. Not only that strat can bring you kills, it also discourages people from camping your translocators in a future, so it can massively improve Sombra's gameplay (nothing is more frustrating than being caught in camp after you use translocator.

This number minus one is how many people are left.

Spot your nearby wounded to dispense med bags automagically.

I love this new feature. You can auto throw health to nearby wounded team mates by spotting them. If they're close enough, a wounded team mate will be tossed a med bag, if equipped.

Play against the player, not the champion.

What I mean by that is, don't necessarily take online matchup guides at face value, the person you're playing against might not actually play their champion optimally.For example, kennen is known to harass well with autos and w actives. People online tell you to stay away from him and farm at range/under tower. However, this particular kennen might not know their range very well, and end up overextending on pokes, or maybe over-committing. In this particular instance of this matchup, it might be okay to play forward, bait them in and all in.This is mostly a low ELO thing because people are more likely to not know everything about their champion. I like to take the first few levels to evaluate how familiar my opponent is with their champion.

Everyone who is planning to play as soon as the Beta starts, use "quick match" as more servers will spawn quicker that way.


Change currency to local to avoid the 3% conversion fees.

With some searching, I found that you can change the settings to search using any currency, so I chose the local currency for Indonesia (IDR) and the rates were quite cheaper.What was previously listed at $644 dropped to $624, saving me $20.I just booked 5 nights in Bali through AirBNB. Before requesting the booking, I noticed that AirBNB was automatically throwing in a 3% conversion fee. With credit card churning, I have plenty of cards that do not have any kind of FTF (foreign transaction fee) and of course I wouldn't want to pay some arbitrary rate. Make sure you put into your account a credit card that doesn't have a FTF and that it is valid through your intended stay.

Smoke grenades will get you way more kills by flanking than any other grenade will get you by killing.

Credibility = 2,500+ operations played

Don't use rubbing alcohol to clean NES housing :/

For those Jailbroken and are crying foul of bad battery life please stop habit of closing all Apps in the App-Switcher it takes more power to load them back into memory when re-opening them again.

Title says it all

If you are playing your console on a monitor, change your RGB range!.

Was messing around in the settings earlier and turned on full RGB range for my PS4. You wouldn't believe the difference it makes. Can't believe I have gone over a year with my PS4 and didn't do this earlier.For PS4, go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > RGB Range: "Full"For Xbox One, go to Settings > Display and sound > Color Space: "PC (RGB Full)"