Discussion tips

Master All of the Gods.

This has helped me become a much better smite player. Half the battle is knowing what your competition is capable of and knowing how long their important abilities will be on cool down after they blow them trying to kill you. For example, after a Neith uses her back flip to disengage from a fight you have roughly 16 seconds to take her out before she can use that again. Don't be afraid to pick a fight with someone if you know their escape is down. Escape abilities generally have 14-18 second cool downs so that window is your best opportunity to take them out.If you find yourself struggling to win games or have difficulty fighting against a certain god, master that god and you'll gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Keep your team and friends up with Sinoa / Phoenix! Her RNG s1, phoenix raid-wide heal, and dragon claws will help keep dps up to make it a smooth run ;)

Running in Nacht (from my experience) is Boss-Free.

I went to round 57 training around the upstairs in Nacht with the PaP'd Thunder Gun & Apothicon Servant, and not a single boss came inside the entire time. I would head the Panzer Soldat horn, and just nothing; that's it.I don't know if this is a glitch or if it is internationally a safezone, or even if it is just something on my end, but it makes it super easy.Hope this helps :)

Split into Groups by Team for Raids.

Not sure if this has been mentioned but if you have a enough people to form multiple raid parties, it's a good idea to poll for teams and form groups based on that to better your chances at getting more Premium Balls.My team is fairly well organized and if it looks like we are going to dominate the raid, we try to form one group with a balance of teams and the rest of one team in another.Good Luck and Happy Raiding!

Party Finder role slots.

When making your own PF, you can quickly switch between roles by right-clicking on the slots, try it out.

Don't stand in doorways.

You block your teammates and it gets everyone killed. If you're going to camp a door, stand far enough back so that people can go through.

If you are dead and spectating, don't hog the cameras.

Starting to see an uptick on this issue, particularly when playing with randoms. A camera being used by someone and they do not have a mic or are not sharing the Intel with the rest of the team. As a result, I cannot move/pan the camera looking for the opposing team so I can warn the rest of the team. So, if you are killed and are waiting for the round to be over, and you do not have a mic, please switch your view to first-person on a surviving team mate and release the cameras for use. PSA: Cameras are not for use while you go refill your coffee or favorite drink while you wait for the round to be over.

You can revive while in beast mode.

There's no indicator but if you hold the action button you will revive a player.

Rev owners who want to protect their home flooring from being scuffed by their kickstand, turns out Trekking Pole tips fit perfectly. No idea how they will hold up but for about $6 for 6 of them, they are cheap enough to replace if need be.