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While sprinting, hit your toggle crouch button (or hold the regular crouch button, depending on which is easiest for you), and your character will perform a slide into a crouching position, moving in the direction you were sprinting. While you're sliding, you can aim in different directions, so you can 'drift' around a corner and get the jump on someone who's not expecting it.I don't know how many people are aware of it at the moment, but it's great fun, and it can be a lifesaver getting into cover.

On Xbox One if you hold the start button the scoreboard comes up straight away.

You can skip right past that laggy menu. Can not confirm on PS4 or Pc.Edit: Tab on PC, Options on PS4

If you specc your ship and captain against aviation, you'll never face a CV ever again.

But you'll be put against a Kaga and a Saipan as soon as you drop it.

People who are fasting till sunset can use the sunrise/sunset complication. It will also show how much time is left.

Create a shortcut of the game exe to get a high quality icon

Dont just smoke the bridge on Op. Breakout. Throw smokes at the enemy spawn/sniper headglitches to force enemies closer to you while also blocking their line of sight of the bridge.

Sometimes its hard to see the snipers headglitching the truck, so smoking their line of sight forces them to come out of it and come closer which makes it easier for your team to pick them off or gain time to build the bridge instead of getting sniped by someone you can barely see. So if your teammates already smoked the bridge, smoke the enemy spawn for extra effect!

If the focal point of your background is on the right side of the screen, you should flip it.

Having the focal point of your background being on the left (Like for example an anime loli) will be noticed more on song screen selection.----Example:* Focal point on right side* Focal point on left sideLooks better right?------Only time I would suggest not flipping if the focal point is in the middle or there are letters in your background; imo it would look even uglier if you have backwards letters that look out of context.----I know most people are lazy af so if you link your background I'll flip it for you lol.

Don't chain-cast spells into an opponent's Secrets.

Playing Hunter versus Paladin. Opponent's turn 5, I Had a moderate board, Big Bad Wolf and Cloaked Huntress and a Secret, to their empty field. Opponent casts Wild Pyromancer into Equality to clear the field...Except my secret was Snipe. Pyromancer dies immediately, but since the opponent just fired off both spells in quick succession they didn't realize until after they had already cast Equality. Oops.Hearthstone Life Lesson: when your opponent has a secret out, slow down a bit to make sure it doesn't interrupt your plans.

If you want to make a concept, redesign or anything thats on IOS 10 this is for you.

Get many chances for an excellent throw by using red poke balls on weekly legendary reward Pokemon.

In order to boost your chances for an excellent throw (for quests), use red poke balls on the weekly reward legendary (currently raikou) who has a high breakout rate. Raikou will break out a lot but won’t flee. Once you get an excellent throw you can try using great or ultra balls. I had one break out 15 times before I got my excellent throw. Also useful for “3 great throw” quests.