Excel tips

Add the Calculator (or else) to Quick Access

In your excel file, you can add shortcuts like calculator, Windows Camera or Ink apps or the zoom controls. This makes your work easy in Excel document. You can do this by opening the Quick Access Toolbar (to the right of the save and undo commands on the title bar) > select More Commands > and add the shortcut to the menu whatever you like.

Open Multiple Excel Files at Once

While working on multiple excel files, you need to open files one by one, this is quite difficult to handle but here we will describe a handy way to open them all with one click. All you need to do is to select the files you like to open and press Enter key, all selected files will open altogether.

Save Charts As Templates

This is another handy chart related trick to make yourself the master of Excel. When you found a combination of layout and colors that are really important, save it as a template, so that you can utilize it again. Right-click on any chart created and you will see the Save as Template option.

Add Decimal Points Automatically

Here we will tell you the trick to add decimal automatically. There is no need to waste time manually inserting the decimal points. Click File > Options > Advanced and the option is near the top. Here you will find various useful settings on this page, covering program behavior, number formats and much more. Find more interesting Excel tips and tricks. Look…

Rotate Heading Text

If you need to add headers to very narrow columns, then rotate the text to fit. Go to Home tab and click the Orientation button and make your choice. The button is placed alongside the other text formatting options. This is another effective Microsoft Excel tips and tricks.

Quickly Add Up Figures

It is likely that you are doing a lot of addition to Excel, but here you don’t need to type out SUM formulas. Just highlight the cell at the end of the row or the bottom of the column  you want to add and then hit Alt+= ( equals) or Cmd+Shift+T on a Mac

Add Comments to Your Formulas

Add space and +N (“your comment here”) to leave comments by your formulas for your own reference or to help other people understand your spreadsheet. Comments don’t appear in the cell but show up in the Formula bar and they are searchable as well.

Use Flash Fill to Save Time

Flash fill makes the work easy, so if you are reformatting data in adjacent columns, then this is very helpful. It recognizes the patterns and fills the rest of the details for you. Just give excel a few examples at the top and you will see the suggestions in gray, hit Enter to accept.

Delete Blank Cells Fast

Some of the default data will be blank for various reasons. So if you need to delete these to maintain accuracy, particularly while calculating the average value. The easy way is to filter out entire blank cells and delete them with one click. Choose the column you want to filter and go to Data > Filter after the downward button shows, undo Select All and then pick the last Blanks option. The entire blank cell will show immediately. Now go to Home and click Delete directly, all will be removed clicking once.

Quickly Move and Copy Data in Cells

If you want to move one column of data in a spreadsheet then the easy and fast way is to select it and move the pointer to the border after it turns to a crossed arrow icon then drag to move the column freely. But if you want to copy the data, .then press the Ctrl button before dragging to move the new column will copy all the selected data.