Flying tips

Wet wipes and Pull Ups

Cathy from says: “pack some spare clothes for them and for you – even now my daughter is potty trained, I’ve kept some emergency pull-ups. And you can never have too many wet wipes! That way if there are delays or you’re in a plane that’s stuck on the runway for ages, you won’t be panicking…or spending a whole flight smelling less than fresh after an accident or unexpected illness. You almost certainly won’t need it but it makes me feel much more relaxed, and I think my daughter picks up on that too. That way flights are an exciting adventure, not a potential nightmare scenario.”

Write notes for fellow passengers

Worried the other passengers on your flight are going to hate you if your child screams all the way to Malaga? Or, even worse, enjoys a penchant for kicking the back of the seat in front. Why not follow the example of the parents who handed out bags of sweets to fellow passengers on their flight or pen them a message of apology in advance.

Don’t plan anything

It might be tempting to have every step of your trip planned to the nth degree, but unplanned days are often those that leave the most lasting, and fondest memories. Rachel Evatt, Skyscanner Product Director

Plan and plan some more

Blogger Vicki from online parenting magazine Honest Mum‘s top tip for flying with kids is be prepared-over-prepared. Vicki says: “you can never have too many wet wipes and snacks! Fill your bag with snacks, games, playing cards, a portable DVD player in case the aircraft doesn’t have one and make sure you buy water once you’re through check in. I always take extra clothes and medicine, you never know when your kids might get a temperature or feel unwell.”

Pretend to be asleep

If you fart during your flight, just pretend to be asleep. Harold Aparte, Skyscanner Market Development Executive, Philippines Want to join the Skyscanner team and share your wisdom? See our current jobs here!

Saw your toothbrush in half

To save space and reduce weight, saw your toothbrush in half. The extra three cubic centimetres of space can be used to carry an extra sheet of paper (see tip 2). James Teideman, Skyscanner Marketing Communications Executive

Steak Tartare is not steak with tartar sauce

I learned that the hard way. Charlie Gildawie Skyscanner Senior Software Engineer

Don’t get angry

Don’t waste energy getting upset with unseasoned travellers who don’t stand one metre back (or behind the painted line) from the luggage belt, so that everyone can see luggage arriving. I haven’t managed this yet though, and it always infuriates me! More: 13 most annoying plane passengers Annica Jansson, Skyscanner Market Development Manager, Nordics Listen to the Skyscanner travel podcast 7 Deadly Sins of Air Travel below:

There will always be Toblerone

Got to the end of your holiday but forgotten to get gifts? No worries! It is a mathematical certainty that the world’s favourite mountain-shaped Swiss chocolate will always be available from every duty free airport shop on earth. Sam Poullain, Skyscanner PR Manager, APAC

Hide your guidebook

If you’re in London and need to ask directions then to stop people avoiding you, hide your guide book and map. If you’re in Glasgow and you want to avoid constantly being offered directions, hide your guidebook and map. David Hamill, Skyscanner Principal Interaction Designer