Flying tips

Travel Light

A top travel tip to save charges for checking in baggage, is to only take hand luggage. One piece of luggage means less to carry, saves time at the airport and can save you money when travelling. Confirm the dimensions of hand luggage allowance with your airline before you fly. Some airlines allow 1 piece of hand luggage plus a small laptop/personal bag, others have strict rules and only allow 1 carry-on item of hand luggage per person, so bare this in mind when you want to take that extra hand bag.

Arrange Airport Transfers

Taxi: If you live within driving distance you may consider a taxi, if so be sure to book up in advance and strike a good deal. Self Drive: Driving to the airport is also a great option, don’t forget the parking. If you pre-book it is generally cheaper. Uber: The great last minute option. Uber is becoming more common around the world, providing a great comfortable, convenient and cheap way to travel. Pre-book using an agency: Choose a comfortable shared or private airport shuttle service using agencies such as Hoppa, Airport Transfers or Shuttle Direct.

Book Cheap Airline Tickets

Use search sites such as skyscanner – This is a great site to use when searching for cheap flights. It is flexible with it’s search criteria and works even better if you are too. Be Flexible – If you are flexible with the dates you travel, this makes it easier to find the cheapest deal as some days are cheaper to travel than others. Being open to try a new destination to visit can also save you some cash. Be Flexible with the airport choice – Choosing to depart from a different airport may save you a lot more money. For example, Bristol – Copenhagen can cost £101 and London – Copenhagen can cost as little as £17.

Pay for checked baggage before you arrive at the airport

If you are taking checked baggage, pay this online before you travel, it is usually much cheaper than paying at the check in desk. Some airlines such as BA, usually include checked baggage in the overall price for long-haul fights. Other airlines may charge fees and this can be pricey. Be sure to check online before you travel.

Secure your Luggage

If you have filled your travel luggage to the brim, the last thing you want is for your case to unzip and undies to be exposed when you collect your luggage from arrivals. Keep your belongings secure by using a simple security lock.

Know your Airport Terminal

Some airports can be unexpectedly huge with numerous terminals. Be sure to check this before you travel to make sure you end up at the right terminal.

Check in online before you travel

Don’t pay extra money to pre-book seats, check in online before your flight and book the seats you prefer. Most airlines allow you to check in 24 hours prior but confirm this with your airline before you travel.

Never wear flip flops (on a plane)

I used to work for an airline and we were told never to wear sandals on board an aircraft. In the unlikely event of an emergency, it’s best to have a good set of sturdy shoes that will protect your feet from heat or sharp objects. Matthew Smith, Skyscanner Content Partnership Executive

Never join the security queue with kids in

Go for the one with the ‘suits’. It will move much quicker. Alistair Hann, Skyscanner Chief Technology Officer

Leave the guidebook at home

Rather than taking your entire copy of the Rough Guide or Lonely Planet, just photocopy the pages you need, then discard after you have used them. Saves space and weight. James Teideman, Skyscanner Marketing Communications Executive