Flying tips

Pack less

Travelling with just hand-luggage should be your goal. Do you really need six pairs of heels, tea bags, and an iron? Take less and you’ll travel cheaper (no check-in luggage fees), travel faster (no waiting for your bags), and travel easier (one bag means less to lug around). More: 7 best hand-luggage bags Sam Baldwin, Skyscanner Travel Editor

Have the address of your accommodation ready

Sounds obvious, but it is always a great idea to have the full address of your accommodation handy to make sure you end up at the right place.

Have your airport transfer pre-arranged

The best way to get cheap airport transfers is to do a little research before you travel. There are various options available depending on the destination, Round The World Magazine recommend – Taxi: Most airports have a taxi pick up point outside or better still, some have a desk inside the airport where you can arrange a collection. Car Hire: A great way to explore a new destination is to hire a car and self drive. Most airports have car rental desks where you can book and pay on arrival but it is recommended to pre-book to make sure there is availability. Round The World Magazine recommend Alamo car rental or Enterprise car hire. Uber: The great last minute option. Uber is becoming more common around the world, providing a great comfortable, convenient and cheap way to travel. Sign up for a free Uber ride. Pre-book using an agency: Choose a comfortable shared or private airport shuttle service using agencies such as Hoppa, Airport Transfers or Shuttle Direct. Local Transport – Most big cities have great transport links on trains, buses and underground. If you are going to spend a long time in that destination, check out weekly/monthly transport tickets.

Make sure your checked luggage is the first to arrive

Stick a fragile tag on checked baggage before you fly. This not only gives your luggage a better chance of being delicately handled, but it means it is likely to be one of the first to arrive on the convey belt at the luggage pick up point in arrivals.

Know your luggage pick up point

If you have checked in luggage, listen out on the flight for the number of the carousel to collect it from. If in doubt ask a flight attendant who will be happy to assist.

Be creative and productive

Relaxing in that chair on the plane might be a rare opportunity if you have a busy lifestyle. Make the most of it, enjoy the ‘me time’ and get creative. Read your favorite book, do some writing, listen to some music, just do what you love with very little distractions and enjoy your journey.

Get fed before anyone else

Choosing a vegan option or an option with dietary requirements usually means you are lucky enough to get your in flight meal served before others. It is best to request this when you book your flight or before you arrive at the airport.

Wear compression socks

Be prepared for sitting in that one seat for several hours by wearing flight socks. These can prevent leg pains, swollen ankles or even blood clots.

Do some exercises

Your body can seize up on a flight, especially on long haul. Keep your muscles active by doing light exercises, particularly on your neck, feet, legs and arms. Ask your crew members for some tips.

Pack a sleeping kit and get some rest

If your flight is at night, this a great way to save on accommodation but sometimes it can be a challenge to get a good rest. Take an eye mask, earplugs, a travel pillow and a blanket to help you get the rest you deserve.