Flying tips

Hydrate for free

Flying at high altitude can dehydrate you pretty quickly so to stay fresh make sure you drink plenty of water. You don’t need to pay for water, just ask a crew member and they will get you one for free.

Freebies and compensation for delayed flights

If you flight is delayed for more than a certain number of hours, the airline should provide you with free snacks and drinks. If it is delayed by a long time, you may also be eligible for compensation. Check out the policies on the company website or ask a member of staff if you are unsure.

Power up the electronics

Most airports have free charging points at the departure gate area. Take advantage of this and prepare yourself for the flight so that you have enough juice to watch your favorite movie or listen to your travel tracks.

Ask for a free upgrade at the Departure Gates

Are you travelling for a celebration? Inform the staff and sometimes they give out freebies on the flight! The departure gate is also a great place to try your luck and ask the staff if there are any free upgrades available. All of the seats will have been paid for or taken by this point so if any are going spare you may get upgraded. If you don’t ask you don’t get!

Calm your fears of flying

This is one of the best flying tips for a nervous traveller. Take yourself to the duty free and ask for some samples of alcohol, most airports usually have a counter with a member of staff giving away free shots or tasters. This is a great free way to make you feel more relaxed for your flight. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink lots of water too!

Breeze through Airport Security

Some airport tricks to help you skip long queues and be stress free: Pack thoughtfully – Pack your laptop and electronics so that they are easily accessible. Skip the queues – Go to the left of airport security, they tend to have the smaller queues. Grab a bag – Grab a few clear security bags, they are usually free and may come in handy later for packing items such as toiletries or food. Avoid a frisking – If you want to avoid being unnecessarily frisked, remember to remove jewelry and belts.

Lighten your baggage weight

If you are a light packer then great, move on to the next flying tip, this one is for those who struggle to pack light. If you just managed to stuff everything you own into your luggage and find out at the check in desk that it weighs more than the allowance, a great travel tip is to take out some clothing, wear the extra layers and stuff your pockets (as long as there are no liquids or sharp objects).

Make checking in easy

These airport tricks will allow you to check in with ease: Arrive early – Allow extra time for long queues at the check in desk. Have your passport ready – Including your boarding card if you downloaded it on the app or printed it out before arriving. Ask for a free upgrade – Try your luck, you never know! Ask for seats together – If you haven’t checked in online and travelling as a group, ask at the check in desk for seats together.

Sleep in the Airport

This is one of the best flying tips around – Find a line of comfy chairs, put your feet up and make yourself at home! If you have an early morning flight, sleeping in the airport is a great way to save money. This is a top tip if you are travelling across multiple destinations or if you tried to book an airport hotel last minute but they are all fulled booked. For those who want to catch some rest while waiting around, some airports have ‘resting pods’ which is a state of the art chair with a fold flat bed inside. Really really tired and need some shut eye? Check if the airport has an accessible internal hotel. YotelAir in Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, is a hotel situated in departures where you can hire beds by the hour, take a monsoon shower or stay the night. A perfect way to refresh during your travels.

Prepare your own flight entertainment

If you get sick of the airline movies, you can always whip out your own device and watch your pre-downloaded entertainment!