Food tips

Choose The Keto Lifestyle For You.

At the end of the day, these keto diet tips will help anyone wanting to jump start their keto journey, but it doesn’t mean there’s a one-size-fits-all solution. Different people do low carb in different ways, that’s okay! Often times people ask me about the different ways people can follow keto, and here are some of the most common:

Add a piece of chocolate into a muffin to get chocolate lava cake.

Goji berries and Lycium berries are the same thing, but Lycium berries cost WAY less!.

I get my Lycium berries at the local ethnic food supermarket. They sell a lot of foods from Asia and South America. A bag of Lycium berries is about $8 there. It would cost closer to $20 as Goji berries at Whole Foods.

Looking to not tip at a restaurant? Write "cash" on the tip line and walk out. The waiter will think someone else took the tip you so dutifully left

Bake Meatloaf in a Muffin Pan

Use a one-sided razor blade to remove long strips of lemon peel. It drastically minimizes pith and makes it easier to strain later

If you have any orange-stained plastic ware, it can be made clear again by setting in the sun for about a day.

If you're cooking for a group of people, you can bake your whole-wheat big Dutch baby in a casserole dish.

For stupidly easy and AWESOMELY TASTY fudgy brownies.

Step 1: Buy a box of Betty Crocker chocolate brownie mix (vegan in the UK), some Alpro chocolate soya puddings, and either vegan chocolate chips or a dark chocolate bar.Step 2: When making the batter, substitute soya or another plant milk for the water, and - this is the angels-out-of-the-clouds revelation bit - USE AN ALPRO PUDDING POT IN PLACE OF THE EGG.Step 3: Either add the chocolate chips, or chop up the chocolate bar and add it. Also, add extra vanilla extract, because it's the law. Bake at 180C and - voilà! - TRIPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES.