Fortnite br tips

If these are moving, follow them and it will lead you to an enemy.

Search in cross-platfrom Oceania servers for Risky Reels chests.


When skydiving from the bus, you can place yourself above a slipstream to prevent your glider from opening so that you get to the ground sooner.

S9 is my favorite season right now just because I don't have to spend another 30 seconds slowly gliding into wherever, just straight into a slipstream, then straight out onto a gun.

Explosive damage can be done with IO guards .

You can do the explosive damage with IO guards . You can also use the UFO for this . I got it all done in one game . Good luck have fun .

This number minus one is how many people are left.

Explosive Damage to Yourself Counts as Damage to Others.

Easy way to complete your challeneges! GLHF!

Search Chests In Lonely Lodge - Chest Locatione (0/7)