Fortnite br tips

This is going to allow you to save a ton of woods when crossing Look Lake!.

Try to save three daily challenges for the start of the next season. They'll carry over and you'll have a head start on the next battle pass.

I've done it twice. (Repost because flairing is hard.)

When Exiting This Vehicle, You Will Always Exit On The East Side

Another way to use the Spray cans!

This will allow you to save a ton of wood when crossing loot lake!.

Just use brick or metal.

If someone keeps spectating you for no apparent reason, chances are there might just be a trap around you.

I don't know if this has already been posted, but this is a quick tip that saved my ass a couple times. Have you ever kept spectating the guy who killed you because you want to see if your trap will kill him? Well, when you're the one who gets the kill, be careful about that little eye in the bottom left corner, especially when you're in any kind of building.

Favourite all the dances to organize them

The chests from the factories and the meteor also count towards the "Collect 7 Chests at Dusty Depot or Pleasant Park"!