Fortnite br tips

If you kill someone and they keep spectating you, be extra cautious of traps.

Idk about you guys, but I always spectate someone when they kill me near my trap, in hopes that they’ll walk into it.

Materials gathered on spawn island will count towards this weeks mission

If you're playing on console but using a monitor, change your RGB range!.

The difference is incredible!For Xbox One: Go to Settings > Display and Sound > Color Space > *PC (RGB Full)*For PS4: Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > RGB Range > Full

If you can't use your weapon at the start of a match, try dancing. It should allow you to use your gun.

Don’t use the Wakandan skyrider on Next Gen graphics unless you want to be blinded.

Use Storm Surfers LTM.

Stop Jumping.

If you find yourself losing a lot of 1v1 fights then it may be as a result of jumping too much.Fortnite is certainly a very 'jumpy' game and no matter what you will probably find yourself jumping a lot. Jumping while traversing the map is generally a good idea, because you will be very hard to hit from a distance as it will be difficult to track you with an AR or Sniper.However, jumping is not always the best thing to do in a close quarters fight. This is because, once you have started the jump, the arc is easily predictable - entirely the opposite to what you want your movements to be. You want your movements to be dynamic and unpredictable which can be accomplished by a combination of strafing, crouching and jumping. Additionally, jumping can negatively impact your aim is it can be difficult to jump and shoot.Hope this helps some of you win some more of your fights.

What’s New with Characters & Bars?

New Characters are now stationed across the Island, and that means new offerings and services too! Trade your hard-earned Bars in for upgrade components like Mechanical Parts from Cole, or chat with Bushranger and ‘disguise’ yourself as a Prop to fool your opponents.

Get the Jump on Your Opponents

Speaking of…. Those who successfully deliver Guardian Orbs to The Spire will be rewarded for their bravery with a high-flying reward from the ancients. Skilled players that grab an orb from the Guardian Towers can bring it back to The Spire to receive a Mythic Item: Jump Boots! Three jumps in succession will launch you into the air and deploy your glider for insane map traversal. Bail on a losing fight or swoop in on unsuspecting foes!

Primal Points of Interest

After the Zero Crisis, a tower known as The Spire stands in the center of the Island. Its mysterious power has stretched to several Guardian Towers, and POIs near the center of the map have undergone drastic changes. Explore the unique architecture surrounding The Spire, the scrappy but formidable Boney Burbs, the fruitful Colossal Crops, and the glorious sights of the Island’s orange center.