Top 10 Fortnite br tips

You’re Mine: Meet the Cuddle Fish

On the Island, players usually associate fish with defense -- acquiring health, shield, and affecting movement. One of the season’s newest fish, the Cuddle Fish, brings a new school of thought. After catching one, toss it on the ground to set a proximity attack that will ambush your opponents.

Meat: Stave Off the Sweats

Just like fish, the roaming Wildlife are an excellent resource for survival. Hunt them to get Meat. Keeping Meat in your inventory not only means you can consume it to quickly recover your HP, but you can also use it to lure predators towards your enemies.

Make It Your Way

Following last week’s Crafting post, if you’re looking for a quick tutorial on crafting weapons, here’s a few of our favs: Makeshift Shotgun + ⚙ = Pump Shotgun 🏹 + ⚙ + Shockwave Grenade  =  Shockwave Bow Primal Bow + 🐸 = Stink Bomb Bow There are lots more combos after that. Check the Crafting section of your Inventory tab and discover them all. Looking for quick access to Mechanical Parts? Stop by areas like Risky Reels or Retail Row and harvest parked cars. Animal Bones more your style? You can harvest Bones found in the environment, like the ones found at Primal Pond, for ingredients if no Wildlife are nearby.

The chests from the factories and the meteor also count towards the "Collect 7 Chests at Dusty Depot or Pleasant Park"!

Primal Points of Interest

After the Zero Crisis, a tower known as The Spire stands in the center of the Island. Its mysterious power has stretched to several Guardian Towers, and POIs near the center of the map have undergone drastic changes. Explore the unique architecture surrounding The Spire, the scrappy but formidable Boney Burbs, the fruitful Colossal Crops, and the glorious sights of the Island’s orange center.

Get the Jump on Your Opponents

Speaking of…. Those who successfully deliver Guardian Orbs to The Spire will be rewarded for their bravery with a high-flying reward from the ancients. Skilled players that grab an orb from the Guardian Towers can bring it back to The Spire to receive a Mythic Item: Jump Boots! Three jumps in succession will launch you into the air and deploy your glider for insane map traversal. Bail on a losing fight or swoop in on unsuspecting foes!

This will allow you to save a ton of wood when crossing loot lake!.

Just use brick or metal.

If someone keeps spectating you for no apparent reason, chances are there might just be a trap around you.

I don't know if this has already been posted, but this is a quick tip that saved my ass a couple times. Have you ever kept spectating the guy who killed you because you want to see if your trap will kill him? Well, when you're the one who gets the kill, be careful about that little eye in the bottom left corner, especially when you're in any kind of building.

What’s New with Characters & Bars?

New Characters are now stationed across the Island, and that means new offerings and services too! Trade your hard-earned Bars in for upgrade components like Mechanical Parts from Cole, or chat with Bushranger and ‘disguise’ yourself as a Prop to fool your opponents.