Frugal tips

Scrap soup.

I always keep all of my veggie scraps (carrot peels/ends, celery tops/roots, onion peels, garlic peels/stumps, stems from fresh herbs, mushroom stems, etc), along with any veggies that I might normally discard, in a gallon baggie in the freezer. I have a separate baggie where I collect bones and leftover meat. When I've collected enough, I toss it all in a pot of water and make soup stock. It's much better than the stuff in the can and it is nearly free.

Rubbing Alcohol Removes Permanent Marker.

It seems very few people know this. On nonporous surfaces some rubbing alcohol on a rag can be used to remove permanent marker. Great if you want to sell your kids stuff like coats, boots, lunch boxes, backpacks, toys, etc. that you had to put their name on. If the surface is uneven after using a rag pour a little on there, wait a moment then rub the rag over it. Obviously this will damage some fabrics and porous materials like wood. I keep seeing people giving away stuff for free because it has permanent marker on it when they could so easily remove it so I guess this isn't common knowledge.

If you shop at a grocery chain, price check a few local stores within that chain.

I was checking stock online for a fairly large regional supermarket today, and noticed this:Store A: Store brand, dozen large eggs, $1.89Store brand, dozen xlarge eggs, $2.09Store brand, dozen jumbo eggs, $2.29Store B - same chain, 2 miles north - both decent neighborhoods in the same city, not like one's in a food desert: Store brand, dozen large eggs, $.49Store brand, dozen xlarge eggs, $.69Store brand, dozen jumbo eggs, $.89

Use the same herbal tea bag 2 or 3 times.

I didn't realise this wasn't commonplace until my partner told me he though it was strange. I drink a lot of herbal teas and I always always get at least two cups out of a teabag. I don't know how well this works for caffeinated tea but one bag of peppermint tea lasts me a whole day at work. Granted this won't save you billions but every little bit counts especially if you like to indulge in fancy herbal teas.

Cut your own hair and you’ll save money on hair cuts. Cut your own hair badly and you’ll save money on dates.

Use dish soap bottles.

If you use liquid laundry detergent, don't use the original bottle and the cup they give you since (1) you'll tend to use more than you need, (2) it's messy, and (3) it's not fun to lug around.Clean out a dish soap bottle and fill that instead. You can close the cap of the bottle and take it with you to the laundromat, and with the smaller hole, you're more aware of how much you're using. Plus you don't get any dribbles!

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All things come to those who wait.

Almost anything you want in modern society can eventually be found in the trash if you are patient enough. Things that can't be found in the trash can usually be purchased used cheaply. most vacuum cleaners in the trash, fo example, work just fine, they are just clogged. A little elbow grease and they are as good as new.

Don't buy anything you don't specifically decide you need to buy.

The other day I went to the store to buy shampoo, got my shampoo, and went home. Same with groceries, clothes, etc. If I had let myself buy snacks or something I could've easily added 10-20 depending on where I was (grocery store, mall, electronics store, etc), which could be maybe 100 unintended bucks in a month and 1200 in a year if I just add a few things every time I buy something. If you specifically plan to make a large purchase, that's not bad. But try to resist those impulse purchases and you'll be able to avoid spending money you didn't actually want to spend