Frugal tips

Don't renew your Wired subscription. They'll keep sending the magazines.

Mine ran out two years ago. I still get the magazine. The Feb 2011 issue made "What's inside street heroin" a cover story. Thank you for telling me if the Heroin doesn't kill me, the Acetaminophen will. What does that have to do with technology? You could have at least reviewed some testing kits. Please stop sending me your magazine.

For a clogged drain.

Our shower was not draining properly this week. Instead of spending several dollars on liquid plumber or other such products, we filled out electric kettle with water, brought it to a boil and poured it in the drain. Worked like a charm and fixed the clog. It's worth a shot before you go out to buy anything.

Amazon is offering $5 towards prime pantry when you opt out of 2-day shipping.

Just ordered a few things on Amazon. They're offering 5$ for their pantry items if you opt out of free 2-day shipping and instead use (free) 5 business day shipping.Just bought $5.99 nail clippers and received a 5$ credit.

Just eat coffee beans. Save money on milk, water, and sugar. Bonus: They taste like disgusting peanuts but with a horrible aftertaste.

Michaels (craft store) has great deals on single color/black t-shirts.

The best place to buy single color/black/white t-shirts is Michaels. Next week they are running an ad that should have their t-shirts for dirt cheap. Even at the most expensive, they are 3.99 but Michaels always has a 40% coupon so the most i've ever paid is a little over $2 each. According to a family member who works there, I should be able to pick some up for under $2 with this coming ad. They make the perfect undershirts because they are lightweight but not cheapo-quality.

On your last grocery shop of the year bring all your 2014 coupons before they expire!.

I just did this and ended up with a free pizza, orange juice and almost free yogurt and pasta.

You can buy pure sucralose powder for FAR less than Splenda.

Take a gander hereThis is 50 grams of pure sucralose powder, which is 600 times sweeter than sugar. So this is the equivalent sweetness of about 67 pounds of sugarThis is splenda, which is a blend of maltodextrin (which is a carbohydrate btw) and sucralose and is equivalent to 10lb of sugar.16.50 for 10lb sugar equivalent vs. 18.99 for 67lb sugar equivalent. What a great deal if you want to cut carbs and sugar!I measure out a tiny bit of sucralose powder and mix with boiling water in an eyedropper bottle such that one drop is equal to 1tsp of sugar.

Use an valid/expired sams club card to get in and buy yourself a quick lunch.

I dont have a membership anymore but I still have my card and whenever me and my girlfriend are nearby we come out with a nathans hotdog, one large drink enough for two people to share, and two large slices of pizza all for around $4.85.The foodcourt area doesnt require you to swipe your card which is why I mentioned using an expired card to get in.Not sure if Costcos is the same but thought I'd give some people the idea to try it out and save money.

Don't Be Afraid to Call Customer Service + PSA for Southwest RR Members.

I was trying to buy more rapid rewards points with Southwest to save about $100 on a flight, but the website wasn't working.Normally I don't like calling customer service, because it's a hassle, but I figured it was worth the $100 savings, so I called.It turned out there was an issue with the rapid rewards website, so no one could buy points. The rep reserved the ticket for me anyway at the rate published on the website so I wouldn't lose the flight, and said to call back later tonight when the site was back up to get the points and the flight.Anyways, don't be traumatized by too many bad CS experiences -- calling never hurts, and in my case, really helped me out!Also PSA -- for booking and flying between like now and early November you get double RR points with Southwest! You have to opt-in on your preference page!

Use your orange peels!.

Recipes call for citrus zest all of the time. Today I wondered why I needed a recipe to not waste that amazing zest.Before eating an orange use a peeler to remove strips of aromatic zest. I just peeled off some zest and added a few strips to some black tea with honey and a splash of whiskey. Delicious!Other ideas include: potpourri, candle making, or soap. What other uses for zest are there?