Gaming tips

If you're trying to make a purchase from a country that is different from the one that's on your credit card billing information, append ?cc=<home_country_code> at the end of the url.

Example: if you have a french credit card, append "?cc=fr". I had an "internal error" message when trying to make my purchase with a credit card that has a foreign address, I contacted steam support that told me to do so.

Check if your local public library rents out video games.

Got a Wii U? Use the Gamepad Stand to hold your Switch on Tabletop Mode. You get a better angle IMO.

You Can't

Add swastikas to your sample assets so that no one can steal them for their project.

Play Skyrim Se with Game Of Thrones OST on spotify.

Fucking epic IMO.

Pee before playing