Gaming tips

Consider An MCN

An MCN, or Multi-Channel-Network, is an easy way for YouTubers to gain access to helpful resources for their growth, as well as ad revenue, YouTube partnership and copyright protection. We wrote an article about this topic over here. MCNs are their own beast, and that’s a little too much to cram into this article on YouTube gaming channel tips.

Focus On Audience Engagement

By nature, gaming is an interactive medium. By extension, this entry in our YouTube gaming channel tips is about utilizing that. Your viewers will regularly comment on your videos and attempt to contact you through social media outlets or YouTube itself. Respond to user comments on your channel, and pay close attention to the words of your loyal subscribers.

Produce Regular Content

To stay relevant on YouTube, you have to produce content on a regular basis. Due to the way that YouTube’s algorithims work, you become more popular based on the amount of time people spend watching your videos. Focus on high-engagement videos that can be released relatively regularly- smaller channels can start at a weekly pace, but as a channel grows it’s a good idea to release two or three pieces of content per week.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Gaming channels don’t typically benefit from making videos for every little thing going on in the creator’s life. Videos should be reserved for your main content or important announcements: for everything else, plug your social media outlets in your descriptions and encourage your subscribers to follow you there.