Top 10 Gaming tips

Work With Other YouTubers In That Niche

This wouldn’t be a list of YouTube gaming channel tips if we didn’t encourage you to work with other YouTube gaming channels! All the biggest channels on YouTube take advantage of collaboration, and gaming channels are no exception. Some particular channels are simply hubs that people from all over gaming YouTube work together on to promote their own channels!

Always Listen To Feedback

To improve as a content creator, you have to listen to your audience. You can’t please everyone, but you should take into consideration their opinions and feedback so you can learn how to improve. Remember what we said earlier about being engaged with your audience? Your audience will typically praise or criticize your videos, and you need to focus on both of these forms of communication.

Bring Friends/Co-hosts

Something you don’t see often in YouTube gaming channel tips is the idea of working directly with your own friends on your channel. This is baffling, since many big channels are popular for this reason. In general, most channels can’t be carried by a singular personality, especially not show channels. Having a co-host or group of friends you play with regularly in your videos can help your viewers feel like they’re personally a part of your friend group.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Gaming channels don’t typically benefit from making videos for every little thing going on in the creator’s life. Videos should be reserved for your main content or important announcements: for everything else, plug your social media outlets in your descriptions and encourage your subscribers to follow you there.

Consider Streaming

Streaming alongside YouTube is a great way to grow your gaming channel. There are two main streaming services for you to use: Twitch and YouTube Gaming. Twitch is better for growing your following and exposing it to new viewers, while YouTube Gaming is better for engaging with your current following on YouTube. Either method is a great way to engage with your audience.

Prioritize Yourself Over The Games

Games are, in truth, only the initial draw of most YouTube gaming channels. This is another one of our lesser-known YouTube gaming channel tips- people come for the games, but they subscribe and stay for you. They come because you’re covering a game they’re interested in, but you get likes and subscribes when they enjoy your presentation and style.

Establish Your Own Voice

Elaborating on the previous point, this is very important. Even if you share a niche with other YouTubers, you want to be unique enough to stand out. Remember: there is no one exactly like you. It’s important to learn and take inspirations from other YouTubers, but at the end of the day you need to be unique enough to earn loyalty of subscribers and viewers.

Choosing your level

At the beginning of every game, you are required to set up your difficulty level. This can be easy, medium, or hard. For the novice, it is advisable to select easy.

Damaging other players

A setting that is not extremely functional. But turn it off just in case so that you may not hit your partners by accident and kill them.

Modes of the game

Now Muck has three various gameplays, but starting the game with survival mode is highly recommended. The other two are player versus player and creative modes. The work of each of them is evident by their names. Envision yourself running away from monsters. That is how fast you have to run in the game. In Muck, you can clear your path by cutting down trees that block your path. Build your ax and start the journey but keep an eye on the time too!