Ios tips

Change Downloads Location for Safari Downloads

One of my favorite hidden features in iOS 13 is the ability to Download Manager feature that allows users to download files and manage them in Safari. The downloaded files are stored in the Downloads directory inside the Files app. However what many users don’t know is that you can actually change the directory in which Safari Downloads are stored in iOS 13. You can change the downloads location in iOS 13 by going to Settings -> Safari -> Downloads and choose between iCloud Drive and On My iPhone options. You can also tap on ‘Other’ option and choose the folder of your choice inside the Files app.

Silence Unknown Callers To Stop Robocalls

Tired of robocalls and scammers calling your iPhone the time? Then this is going to be one of your favorite iPhone tips and tricks for iPhone 11. Now users have the ability to enable the Silence Unknown Callers feature. Once this is enabled any call coming from an unknown caller, that is someone who is not in your contacts list will be automatically silenced. The iPhone will not ring when an unknown number is calling you, instead it will just display a missed call alert, allowing you to call back if you feel like it. You can enable the Silenece Unknown Callers feature in iOS 13 by going to Settings -> Phone -> Silence Unknown Callers -> Turn On.

Install Shortcuts from untrusted sources

In iOS 13 you cannot install Shortcuts from untrusted sources such as those shared online. Apple wants to limit users to the Shortcuts gallery in order to keep them safe. However you can fix this and get the ability to download Siri Shortcuts from anywhere you like. In order to do so go to Settings -> Shortcuts and turn on the toggle for ‘Allow Untrusted Shortcuts‘.

Take full page screenshots In PDF format

Next on our list of best 2021 iPhone tips is the enhancement for the screenshot feature. In iOS 13 or later, iPhone users can take full page screenshots in most apps. Now when you take screenshots in apps like Safari you are presented with a tab. This tab lets you choose whether you want to save the screenshot of the screen or for full page. This feature makes it possible for iPhone users to take screenshots of full documents or webpages and save them as PDFs. Users can also markup on the full page screenshots by jumping to the part they want to edit using the convenient scroll bar.

Compress files in Files app and add them to Zip

Next on our list of best iPhone tips and tricks for 2021 is a feature found in iOS 13’s Files app. Starting iOS 13 Files app makes it easier for iPhone users to share files over iMessage, Mail, AirDrop etc by putting multiple files in a zip. So now you can compress multiple files into a single zip file right from the Files app. This is a great addition to iOS as previously it required users to either download third-party apps (that didn’t work quite this well) or transfer the files to a computer and then put them in a zip. The ability to compress files on iOS’s Files app is a welcome addition. Complete tutorial on this is available here.

Swipe to type on keyboard

One of the hidden features in iOS 13 is the QuickPath keyboard feature, which allows users to type by swiping their finger on the stock keyboard. This new feature works in the same way as the popular Swype keyboard that become popular many years ago. With this new iOS 13 feature you can type on the iPhone keyboard with ease by moving your finger from one letter key to another until you form a word without lifting it. QuickPath keyboard in iOS 13 is surprisingly good and makes it much easier to type with one hand.

Delete apps on the Updates screen

This one is one of my favorite iPhone 12 tips in tricks for 2021 from this list. Have you ever been in situations when you are updating your apps in the App Store and come across an app you haven’t used in ages. When this happens the first thing I do is delete that app from my device. Sadly iOS 12 or earlier did not make it easy to do so, since you have to exit the App Store and find that app on the home screen. And if you have many apps or that app is hidden inside a folder, then you end up wasting a lot of time. With iOS 13 Apple has finally made it easier for users to delete apps by allowing them to get rid of them right from App Store’s Updates page. You can now delete apps right from the Updates screen by simply swiping left on it. Doing so reveals the ‘Delete’ button, and you can tap on it to get rid of that app.

Hide Memoji Stickers from Emoji keyboard

Let’s move on to the next entry in our list of iOS 14 iPhone tips and tricks that everyone should know about. With iOS 13 or later Apple has introduced new Memoji stickers, that are available on all iOS devices. While Memoji Stickers provide a fun way to create personalized Memoji on all devices and use them in playful way in iMessage conversations and third-party applications, they can also be annoying. Especially due to the fact that Apple has added Memoji Stickers at the start of the emoji keyboard. What many users don’t know is you can actually hide the Memoji stickers from your iOS device’s keyboard quite easily. To do so, access the Emoji keyboard and once you see the Memoji stickers simply swipe left on the keyboard to scroll, until they get hidden. That’s it, as you have hidden the Memoji Stickers, iOS keyboard will remember this move and keep them hidden until you swipe right on the keyboard to reveal them again.

Edit Videos In Photos app

Next tip of our list of best iPhone tips and tricks for 2021 involves Photos app. iOS 13 has finally added the video editing tools in the arsenal of Photos app’s editing features. Users are no longer required to download third-party and paid applications to perform edits on their videos. Now iPhone users can edit their videos beyond trimming and perform many other actions. These include actions like auto-enhancement, edit exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast, brightness, black point, saturation, vibrance, warmth, tint, sharpness, definition, noise reduction and vignette. In iOS 13 or later users can also apply the built-in filters on their videos, a feature that was limited to still images in previous versions of iOS. That’s not it, as users also get the ability to flip, rotate, straighten, move horizontal and vertical in iOS 13. All of these video editing features of iOS 13 can be accessed by loading a video and then tapping on the ‘Edit’ button in the Photos app.

Add Dark Mode toggle to Control Center For Easier Access

The list of best iPhone tips and tricks in 2021 wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the dark mode feature. You already know about the dark mode feature introduced in iOS 13, however what you might not know about is a hidden feature in iOS 13 that lets you enable or disable the dark mode from anywhere with ease. You can add a dedicated dark mode button on the Control Center and use it to toggle the dark mode feature at will. You can add the special Dark Mode button to the Control Center by going to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls. Once you are on the Customize Controls page simply scroll down and tap on the green ‘+’ button for ‘Dark Appearance’. This will add the dark mode button to your Control Center. You can also change the button’s position in the Control Center by holding on the hamburger button and dragging it up or down.