Ios tips

Safari | It’s Got Extensions

Safari browser on the iPhone gets a decent amount of spec bump with iOS 15 but the most important one is the addition of Safari Extensions. Desktop browser users would know that there are plenty of Chrome and Safari extensions that enhance the browser functionality. Now, you would be able to install extensions on Safari on iPhone as well. It would allow you to unlock features such as ad-blocking, PIP for YouTube (without the premium), and so many other things. Other than that, Safari would now automatically upgrade HTTP requests to HTTPS, customize the start page, streamline the tab bar, and offer intelligent tracking protection.

Private Relay | VPN

Private Relay is a completely new feature that acts as a VPN (sort of) for all intents and purposes but you don’t get to choose a remote server. It works in Safari and encrypts all outgoing requests made by the browser which go through two servers. It aims to increase privacy and anonymity on the internet. Once activated, you would be able to access all blocked sites that have been disabled by your ISP. Plus, it would prevent trackers and websites from gathering data about you. This feature comes bundled with iCloud+ so if you’ve purchased iCloud storage or have an Apple One subscription then Private Relay would be already active for you. You can check the status by navigating to Settings> Apple ID> iCloud> Private Relay> Turn ON.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps have come a long way since its inception (both figuratively and literally). The all-new design would present the cities in a detailed 3D rendered landscape with intuitive tools such as immersive walking directions, new driving features, and an option to choose a preferred method of commute. Starting with a few cities these updated features would gradually roll out to other cities and states but right now it’s only a handful of large cities in the US such as San Francisco, New York, LA, etc.

Save your time by setting Notification Summary

It’s a love-hate relationship between users and Apple’s notification implementation. With iOS 15, Notifications Summary would club all the less-useful notifications and present them in a big clump of notification blocks. You can schedule the timing or receive the summary every morning or evening. The summary would learn from your behavior and update the apps that require instant attention and push back others that are not that attention-worthy. The idea is to prioritize important notifications as a separate class and all the other junk can be put in one summary tab.

Digital Keys

The latest iOS would bring the ability to store digital keys on your iPhone. Adding to the portfolio, you would be able to add your home keys, car keys, hotel key, office key, boarding passes, etc. The keys would need to be compatible with Apple hardware and software so it might take a while for them to become popular around the globe.

Flip a Photo using built-in tools

We are not done with this iOS 13 tips and tricks list yet. Next up is the ability to flip photos using the built-in image editor. For the first time Apple has added new photo editing features that make it possible for users to flip a photo. Not only the image flip feature but iOS 13 also adds useful tools like ability to straighten photos and move them vertical or horizontal. You can access these new image editing features by loading a photo that you want to edit, then tapping on the ‘Edit’ button. Next on the ‘Crop’ tool button from the bottom bar. Flip button is available at top left corner of the screen.

Quickly change Wi-Fi network Or connect to Bluetooth devices

iOS 13 make it incredibly easy to connect to Bluetooth devices and switch between known Wi-Fi networks. Now users can simply access the Control Center Wi-Fi and Bluetooth menus and connect to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device without having to open the Settings application. You can access the new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth shortcut menus by accessing the Control Center and then tapping and holding on the toggle widget. Finally long press on either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth toggle to access the full menus.

Enable Low Data Mode to save bandwidth

Have slow Wi-Fi Internet or running low on bandwidth on LTE? Use the hidden iOS 13 feature called ‘Low Data Mode’. When this mode is enabled iOS will restrict applications from using excessive data in the background and safe significant amount of bandwidth, and improve the Internet speed on your devices. You can enable Low Data Mode for a Wi-Fi network by going to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Tap on ‘i’ button -> Low Data Mode -> Toggle On. Similarly Low Data Mode can also be enabled for Mobile Data by going to Settings -> Mobile Data -> Low Data Mode -> Toggle On. Learn more about iOS 13’s Low Data Mode feature here. This is a great iPhone tip for 2021 that can improve your web browsing experience.

Disappearing Texts

Instagram lets you send a disappearing photo or video to other users. To know how to do this, follow these steps.

  • Open Instagram > go to Direct > select a chat thread.
  • Tap the camera icon for sending a photo or video > tap the gallery icon in the bottom to open the saved photos in the gallery > select any photo, and once you do that you will see at the bottom that there are three options.
  • View once means the receiver will only be able to see this photo or video once. Allow Replay will let them play the photo for one more time. Lastly, Keep in Chat is the regular method of sending a photo that most of us usually follow.
  • So, once you hit View once, your photo will be sent to the receiver and they will only be able to see the post only once after they have opened it.

Customise Your Bio with Special Fonts

Instagram has millions of users, but how do you stand out? One way is to use special fonts. Now, not only can you post visually appealing photos on Instagram, but you can also customise your personal details in a way that they look attractive to your profile visitors. Here's how to do it.

  • Go to your IG profile on a computer. We'd say computer because it just makes the process easier. You can also do this on a phone.
  • So, once you've opened your IG profile, hit Edit Profile and copy your name.
  • After this, open a new tab and visit
  • Over here, paste the text that you just copied. By doing this, you'll now see the text in a variety of different fonts. Choose any > select and copy > go back to your Instagram profile and paste it.
  • Similarly, you can repeat the process for your bio as well.