Ios tips

Bypass Face ID animation to get to the pin screen faster.

I’ve never seen this mentioned anywhere and recently stumbled onto this by accident. If you tap the Face ID text while your phone is doing the looking for your face animation it will instantly show the enter pin screen. This is great when your phone is lying flat or just having trouble recognizing you.

Keeping the home button pressed while talking to Siri will prevent her from interrupting you on iOS 10.

Can someone try this on older iOS?

If you type a dot where you type your contacts, it will show your recent contacts that you had a conversation with!

Sharing Between PC and iOS using SMB and Files app.

Delete the Facebook app and just use their mobile website. Save space on your iOS device because the app doesn't let you purge the cache.

Selecting multiple photos without tapping individually.

I found a neat trick that might not be well known to a majority of users. Instead of tapping an individual photo, you can hold your finger over one photo and then move your finger left or right. I prepared a gfycat video to show you what I mean. Hopefully this helps!

Cleaning up unused apps in iTunes.

I was recently digging around on my laptop and discovered I had over 350 apps using ~25GB of space in my iTunes folder. Looking at them, I realized I hadn't used some of them in years, and wanted to find an easy way to clean things up. I was trying to figure out what was installed on my 3 devices, and reduce the list down to those.That is the wrong way to approach this - at least for me.Instead, I did the following.* First, make sure any iDevices you have are detached, then open iTunes.* Go to your applications, select and delete all of them* Browse to the applications folder - on Mac this is ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications - then delete any remnants* Now connect your iDevice(s)* In iTunes, highlight you device, then click File>Devices>Transfer Purchases from "iDeviceName"* Repeat with all iDevicesI ended up down to 172 apps using ~9.5GB of space.Hope this helps.

How to set a built-in sleep timer for music in iOS.

Go to the clock app, go to Timer, tap to change the alarm sound, and scroll all the way down to "stop playing." Then, when the timer "goes off" it will send out a universal pause to all music players (including iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc). Just discovered this, maybe it'll help some of you out! :)

If you want to quickly see what songs or videos are downloaded to your device, switch on airplane mode.

When in airplane mode, it will only show what's available. Anything in the cloud just disappears.

Dimmer than dim.

Hi! So i came across this little neat trick with brightness few months ago (the trick itself is actually much older) and since i have been using it almost every single day i thought that maybe you guys would find it useful as well.1) go to settings>general >accessibility>zoom2) set Zoom Region as Full Screen Zoom3) use the Low Light filter under Zoom Filter4) go to settings>general >accessibility>accessibility shortcut5) set Zoom as the shortcut6) turn the zoom on and zoom all the way out7) set brightness on the minimum And that's it! Now your screen is super dim and won't burn your eyes out at night ! I think you're gonna like this, especially if you're often using your phone in the bed, like me :-)