Top 10 Ios tips

Move multiple apps at once

Like on iPhone, enter the icon jiggle mode then move the first icon slightly so that the “x” disappears. With your other finger, tap all the other icons you’d like to add to your set. You can now bulk-move the icons to a new position by sliding your finger across the screen.

Select multiple items

Similar to moving multiple apps on the Home screen at once, you can make multi-item selection in apps. For instance, in the Files app you can select multiple files, images, documents and other items to perform common file operations in bulk. Just tap and hold the first item until it pops out a bit, then tap other items to add them to the selection whilst continuing to hold the first item. Plus, you can even use multiple fingers to multitask and drag and drop things across multiple apps.

Split View in Safari

Hold a link and drag it to either side of the screen to open it in Split View side-by-side mode. Alternatively, tap and hold a link and choose Open in Split View from the popup menu. If you have a wireless keyboard, press Command-N to open a second tab in Split View. And to open an underlying link on the other side of Split View, simply tap it with three fingers.

Make the screen even dimmer

You can dim the screen brightness below the normal threshold with a low-light filter in conjunction with the zoom feature. Alternatively, go to Settings → General → Accessibility and enable Reduce White Point, then move the slider to the left to reduce the intensity of bright colors.

Position the cursor with precision

You’d be surprised how many people, and even journalists who review technology for a living, are unaware that you can turn the stock iOS keyboard into a virtual trackpad: just rest two fingers anywhere on the keyboard, the slide them across keyboard. This also works on iPhone without 3D Touch (tap and hold the Space bar key). If your device has 3D Touch, feel free to take advantage of additional text selection features as well.

Type faster with Key Flicks

Go to Settings → General → Keyboard and slide the switch labeled Enable Key Flicks to the ON position. Now when you use Apple’s QuickType keyboard, just flick down on letter keys to enter numbers, symbols and punctuation marks on your iPad.

Sharing Between PC and iOS using SMB and Files app.

SharePlay in FaceTime

Another handy iOS 15 tip that will be quite popular once the majority of iPhone owners install the update. By majority, we mean both the consumers and developers. Apple has added a SharePlay function that lets users on a FaceTime call listen to Music via Apple Music, watch shows via Apple TV, etc. Basically, you’ll be able to enjoy watching movies or listening to music with your friends while on a FaceTime call. Expect to see companies like Spotify, Netflix, Disney, etc., offer similar integration with FaceTime. Apple has also added the Screen Share function that allows the user to share the screen with other participants over a FaceTime call. Read our dedicated post to learn about screen sharing on FaceTime. SharePlay is not a part of the initial iOS 15 release but should debut later this fall.

Master Focus Mode

The default Do Not Disturb mode gets a new avatar with the Focus mode in iOS 15. Instead of a single Do Not Disturb mode, you get to choose among Home, Work, Sleep, and more Focus profiles with customized notifications and calls behavior for each. Swipe down from the upper right corner and long-tap on the Focus menu. You can select from one of the default iOS Focus profiles. You can further customize each mode by selecting which apps and contacts are allowed to send notifications.

Feel the power of USB-C

If you have an iPad Pro, you can connect many types of accessories to it more easily than before, including USB-C monitors, keyboards, storage devices and more. Not only can you charge your iPad Pro via USB-C, but juice up other devices off your iPad Pro’s battery as well. For instance, if you’re hitting the road with your tablet and watch, all you need is Apple’s USB-C charging cable to top up the watch by connecting it to the tablet’s USB-C port. And if you have a Lightning to USB-C cable, you can even charge your iPhone through your iPad Pro.