Iphone tips

3D press and hold backspace to delete faster.

While you still can.

If you get the new AirPods, use the free engraving to put your phone number on the case. Hopefully whoever finds them will use that to help you out.

Use the iPhone app not the website.

I was able to get in much faster. If you use the website make sure to clear your cache. Good luck.

If you activate Siri in an app and tell her to open Settings, you will be taken directly to the settings page for that app.

There are some exceptions - you won’t see this when you’re in the Phone app, for example.

Yell “Hey Siri, shut up” to turn off alarms and timers.

Or just “Hey Siri”... activating Siri will stop the ring

Just like you can search a specific word on a webpage on a desktop, you can do so on your iPhone!.

Just like you can search a specific word on a webpage on a desktop, you can do so on your iPhone! It's the iPhone webpage equivalent of the cmd+F function on Mac (or ctrl+F on Windows). I'm sure many of you knew this already, but I thought I'd share for those like me who have had an iPhone for years but never knew about it.Here's how to do it:1. Go to the page you want to search in Safari on your iPhone2. Type the word(s) you want to search for in the URL bar - do not hit "Go"3. Scroll down and tap "Find on this page"4. Now you can cycle through those words on that page!

You can also tap on a moon emoji to enable dark mode for Facebook

Double-tap and hold to zoom in and out using only one finger.

Double tapping and sliding your finger up or down allows you to zoom in or out without using a "pinch" gesture.

When taking photos of tall structures, use the panoramic mode but turn your phone horizontal.

Discovered this while doing a lot of hiking. Has a cool effect for capturing mountains, buildings, etc.