Iphone tips

Don't waste money on "find my car" apps. Drop a pin as soon as you park. Instant waypoint.

To quickly turn off the flashlight from the lockscreen, do a tiny swipe to the left.

On the lockscreen, if you do a quick, tiny swipe to the left, it will attempt to go to the camera and turn off the flashlight, but since the swipe wasn't long enough, it will just bounce back to the lockscreen. discovered this by accident last night, but it's way faster than swiping up in the garbage control center then toggling the light, especially if it's usually on the music screen like mine is.

If you’re afraid of a burn-in on your iPhone X while using gps on your trip, the screen will manually sleep and wake when your turn is near.

Lock iPhone in landscape mode.

I'm sure you probably know how to lock the iPhone in portrait mode, but what about landscape? Here's how:1. Go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Triple-Click-Home and select Assistive touch.2. Go to the app you want to lock in landscape mode.3. Double click home, swipe left, and click on the portrait lock button.4. Triple click home.5. Click on Device and then hit Rotate Right.6. Enjoy!

Keep YouTube music playing in background.

Play a song in YouTube, then leave the app. You can double tap the home icon to bring up the app switcher and then slide right. Your music controls will now be on the Youtube song you were playing and you can simply press play!

Keep TV installed on iOS 10 to purchase or watch movies/TV shows.

I just ran into this requirement today. If you do not have TV installed iTunes app will not let you buy movies or TV shows. Additionally the warning tells you you won't be able to watch the content either. I had not realized this till now but TV is a complete replacement for the former app known as Videos. Without it you can't view what is downloaded to the device. screenshot

If you type a dot where you type your contacts, it will show your recent contacts that you had a conversation with! In iMessages

Hey siri" works when the device is unplugged, but only if you activate her first.

Basically, if you hold the home button to bring up Siri, and then just leave her onscreen when you're done with her, you can hey Siri too get her to respond again just as tho the device is plugged in. It's pretty useful for times that you may not be able to actually touh the phone and don't have a charger around (I.e. Cooking)

If you type a dot where you type your contacts, it will show your recent contacts that you had a conversation with! In iMessage

To save the Audio message in iMessage, long press the Audio message and select copy. Now, go in the Files app then long press and paste.