Top 10 Iphone tips

Use Magnifier App

Need to zoom in for specific details using iPhone? You no longer need to open the Camera app and use digital zoom. iOS 15 now comes with a new Magnifier app. As the name suggests, you can use it to zoom in on elements, text, use a bunch of filters, flashlight, play with the brightness slider, and more.

Access Spotlight Search from the Lock Screen

Spotlight Search also gets a major boost with new features. Spotlight uses intelligence to search photos by location, people, scenes, or objects. Using Live Text, Spotlight can also find text and handwriting in photos. Spotlight now offers web image search and all-new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows, and movies. The good news is, you can access all these goodies right from the iPhone lock screen. Use the same swipe-down gesture from the lock screen, and Spotlight Search is ready to serve you.

Create Temporary New Email Addresses

Are you tired of using your primary email address for every website you visit? With the iOS 15, Apple takes care of this hassle. From the Settings > iCloud > Hide My Email menu, you can create multiple temporary email addresses to use. This is a part of iCloud’s Hide My Email function. Users can keep their personal email addresses private by creating unique, random addresses that forward to your personal inbox and can be deleted at any time.

iMessage Apps

Perhaps one of the most underrated features of the new Messages app is iMessage apps. Many popular apps offer dedicated iMessage apps that allow users to do a wide range of different things, from sending stickers themed after that particular app to sending current location and payments. There are even apps that let you play games with friends, translate text and more. Once you have installed any app that offers iMessage version simply launch the Messages app, tap on the arrow button from left of the typing field and finally tap on the App Store icon. Then just swipe to see installed apps. You can also tap on the menu button to see grid of installed app icons. There are some great iMessage apps that make the experience of using the app more fun. Apps like YouTube, Google Maps, GIPHY, TinyPolls and GamePigeon are some of our favorites. You can view available iMessage apps and download them by opening any conversation thread and tapping on the ‘App Store’ icon from the iMessage app bar.

Shoot in HDR mode for more impact

Our eyes have the ability to perceive highly contrasted scenes such as sunsets, and we’re so used to it that we don’t even pay attention. The iPhone camera (or any other camera), however, doesn’t have the capability of registering such great dynamic ranges of luminosity. So here comes the HDR option to save the day! HDR or high-dynamic-range imaging is a technique that makes it possible for the camera to capture details both in the dark and the light areas of the photo. To activate the HDR option you’ll need to open the camera app, tap on “HDR” at the top left corner of the screen and then choose “On”. Pro Tip: Turn on the option in Settings > Photos & Camera to save the original photo too – that way you can take advnatge of HDR photos, but also have the non-HDR version as well for you to choose from.

Do Not Disturb for groups and people

This is my favorite of the Awesome iMessage Tricks shared in this article. Its fun to be part of iMessage groups, but they become super annoying when you are busy and everyone else wants to share their favorite memes. Thankfully iMessage lets you enable do no disturb for text messages and iMessages, without needing to activate Do Not Disturb Setting for the whole device. So you can enable Do Not Disturb for a single conversation or a group and not receive notifications when new messages are received in that particular conversation. To enable individual Do Not Disturb toggle simply tap on the ‘i’ button from the conversation page and enable the toggle for Do Not Disturb. Last but not least on our list of 9 awesome iMessage tricks is ability to show contact photo. You can show contact photos for your iMessage friends on the conversation list page. Simply open Settings > Messages > Show Contact Photos and enable the toggle next to this setting. There you have it folks, these are some of the best iMessage tricks and tips that you need to know about in 2019. Some of these have been introduced with iOS 13 while others have been part of the Messages app for a number of years. Regardless of when these were added, they are must know iMessage tricks that greatly improve the overall Messages app experience. Which of these is your favorite iMessage trick? Let us know in the comments section below.

Change Per-App Text Size

In iOS 14, users could only change the system-wide font size. That behavior is changing in iOS 15. You can keep the text size change to a specific app only. Just make sure to keep the app open while using the Text Size toggle from the Control Centre.

Passwords now show Security Recommendations

Password Autofill settings allow users to add their app and website credentials with passwords. This feature is one of the best security features for forgetful users, and with iOS 14, it takes it up a notch in security measures. Now, the Passwords settings will also show you security recommendations and whether your password has been involved in a security breach. With the security recommendations, you can be safely assured your passwords well protect your web profiles and safeguard it. If passwords are compromised, you will be given an option to “Change Password on Website” in the Passwords section itself.

Edit Date and Time in Photos

Not only can you check the image details from the Photos app, but also modify their date and time in iOS 15. You can select a single photo or multiple photos and select the Share menu. Tap on the Edit Date & Time option and change the date and time for the photo.

Capture it all with burst mode

There has always been something magnetic and attractive about moving subjects. They’re very often the reason for the “Wow” effect of your photo, but they’re also notoriously difficult to catch on a phone. iPhone photography offers an easy way to make sure you’ve grabbed the precious moment: it’s called burst mode. In order to turn it on, you simply need to hold your finger on the shutter button once you have the camera app up and running, and multiple shots will be fired off automatically. The camera has the capability of taking around 10 photos per second until you remove your finger from the button! Using the burst mode significantly increases the chance of capturing the subject in the most desirable pose. You can also have a play around with live photos, which capture 1.5 seconds before and after your photo. Pro Tip: Shooting in burst mode too often can quickly fill up your iPhone storage. In order to reduce the number of unnecessary images, click ‘Select’ after shooting the burst, tap the photo(s) you want to keep, then tap ‘Done’ and choose to keep only your favourite shots – everything else will be deleted.