Jailbreak tips

You can now save iOS 12 blobs with TSS Saver!

ICleaner Pro issue : Disabling the Passbook daemon will cause Appstore to unable to install the application

Friendly reminder: Don‘t send in your 6s for a free battery replacement. They will update it to 11.2.1!.

For those eligible for the free battery replacement program because of random unexpected shutdowns.I should have put a little note with the iPhone saying not to update...

Install extra_recipe+yaluX with Extender over Match_portal.

1 download extra_recipe+yaluX (https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com/) and open the IPA with Extender2 sign it3 delete mach_portal and all match_portal fixes with kenobi (http://r3st1t0u.github.io/)4 remove kenobi5 reboot the phone and run extra_recipe+yaluX 6 wait on the white screen till it respring, if it doesn't respring after 1/2 min, reboot and retry

You can use Termius from the App Store to access a terminal if you are jailbroken and have ssh enabled.

There are several SSH apps on the App Store, but Termius is my favourite and it’s my recommendation, but this should still work with any other SSH apps (though I haven’t tested them myself).Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply do the following:1. Add a new host2. Set the alias to whatever you want, and set the hostname to localhost3. Set the port to 22224. Set the username to root, and the enter the root password (alpine by default).It should look like this. Hope this makes it a lot easier for anyone who wants a terminal on their own devices, this should work with any jailbreak that has SSH enabled. I personally like this app more than MTerminal due to its functionality and ease of use, but that’s just my opinion. Enjoy!Edit: port 2222 works for Coolstar’s Electra jailbreak, if it doesn’t work for other jailbreaks use port 22 instead

Instagram and Spotify not loading? Here’s the solution suggested by Coolstar.

So I brought up the issue too Coolstar on Slack and here’s what he suggest to fix the infinite loading in Instagram and Spotify. Note: this fix is only if you have Anemone installed. If you uninstalled it as a solution I would recommend reinstalling and trying this solution!* Install iCleaner Pro (found at this source)* Launch iCleaner Pro and tap the “+” at the bottom left * Then tap “Cydia Substrate Addons”* Switch off “AnemoneColors.dylib” and “AnemoneFonts.dylib”* Respring and enjoy!

The newest Spotify update bring lockscreen seeking!

Disable and enable over night with Activator.