Jailbreak tips

If you still find it difficult to save blobs, whilst you're jailbroken, then install "TSS Saver" tweak.

You can easily save blobs, and don't have to type all that shit into your computer or telegram. This is only for jailbroken iPhones.Source: https://repo.nullpixel.uk/

You can use ssh on your device with any ssh based apps without wifi connection if you don't want to use a computer for installing tweaks.

Save Your blobs for iOS 10.2.1/10.3/10.3.1.

As Right of now There are 3 iOS-Version signed:iOS 10.2.1iOS 10.3iOS 10.3.1As you can see shsh-blobs get more and more Important and useful. Just take a Look Art ReRestoreBug, Futurerestore, and Odysseus. Bugs of ReRestoreiDevice can come for 64 Bit devices in the Future. And you Never know when you Need the shsh-blobs. Just Save them, there is nothing to lose! It Takes about 1 Minute with Telegram Bot. And Save them in the iCloud Drive Or Dropbox and you Will Never have Rich worry again!Save them now, as there are 3 Versions signed you can do. that all At once!

An Activator Gesture That's Handy.

If your fingers are too small or too lazy to reach across the screen to go back one page, use Activator, and set the action "Local Back" to "Slide In From Right" or "Touch ID Sensor Tap". Made browsing just that easier. Never slide across the screen from the left or hit that pesky top right button again! Your welcome, try it out, and come back. Works on 95% of all apps.

If you're stuck in a respring after installing a tweak, reboot and run Electra with tweaks disabled.

I know it sounds like common sense to some, but I've noticed quite a few people getting stuck and not knowing what to do. This works if you've installed the new version of Anemone and can't respring or accidentally installed Winterboard, and it may help with other tweak related issues. Just force reboot, run Electra and untick Tweaks, then uninstall the offending tweak(s) from Cydia. Reboot and rejailbreak when you're finished. EDIT:To get Anemone working you need to update RocketBootstrap to Beta 1.0.6. Add http://rpetri.ch/repo/ to your Cydia sources, update RocketBootstrap, then re-download Anemone.Thanks to ge00uc for the tip.

TIL you can hold and drag the Lockglyph using LockglyphX

For iPhone X and future jailbreakers on XS and XS Max.

I thought i was done for, just got my first loading ring of death for half an hour. Guys to force restart, it’s not holding down the volume down button and power button (what i been doing for half an hour) it’s volume up, release, volume down, release and then hold the power button.So again,Volume up releaseVolume down releasePower button hold until apple logo

To anyone using unc0ver shortcut to update pls do this change and it’ll work again with the latest version.

To anyone using unc0ver shortcut to update unc0ver pls do this change and it’ll work again with the latest version. Pwn2Owned made a change to his Github and this will fix it. -Please change get item list to 1 and you’re good to go. shortcut_howto

Fix for No Service after jailbreaking.

Not sure how common this bug is but when jailbreaking with u0 on 12.1.1 6S, i’ll lose all access to service and even an Airplane mode cycle won’t fix it. If you ever get this issue download NewTerm2 or MTerminal, really any terminal or you can use SSH. Make sure you login to root (use su root with your root password which is alpine by default). Once you are logged in as the root user (you can tell because your bash prefix will say something like root@Your Iphone~. Run this command: killall CommCenter. If this fails run systemctl CommCenter start and you should see “Searching..” pop up within ~5 seconds.I tweeted about this but thought it might be helpful and reach people who don’t follow me by posting here. Comment any questions you have I’ll try to help my best i can.

Using CocoaTop and FloatingDockPlus is a nifty way to monitor how CPU heavy an app is in real time