Jailbreak tips

Use TweakConfigurator to make your Jailbreak smoother.

You can whitelist the tweak dylibs only for the responsible Apps and lockscreen tweaks only for springboard. This will stop loading unneeded stuff and will make your phone snoother.

If you jailbreak with unc0ver b46.

You have to jailbreak with Reload System Deamons offand Re-Jailbreak with it onthat fixed it for me!

If you have CallBarXS OR Notifica and you cannot change background colors turn OFF Reduced Transparency.

After asking months back about CallbarXS and recently with Notifica where notification & widget backgrounds would not change colors I tried everything. No one had an answer either. Turned off all tweaks, still no go. So I thought, it must be a stock setting and that’s what I found. Turned OFF Reduced Transparency and both tweaks background colors popped on.Hope this works for you if you ran into this. I’d really rather have that setting on because the screen colors looked better but I don’t know if there’s a work around.

Speed up Settings app launch using iCleaner Pro.

  1. Go to iCleaner Pro's "+" tab > Preference Bundles. 2. Disable any of the bundles that you rarely or don't change at all.3. ...4. Profit!

Now that unc0ver supports A12, You can now use FilzaEscaped after jailbreaking for a full file browser/editor.

I’ve just successfully changed my charging sound to the AirPower Charge sound on my XS MAX! Cheers! :)

Having problems clearing a half-installed package? Try clearing in no substrate mode!.

If you're having issues clearing a half installedPackage, reboot, rejailbreak (but don't respring to enable substrate) and then clear the package.

Some tweaks aren’t necessarily compatible with each other (and some tweaks aren’t what you wanted) at their latest versions. If you notice tweaks conflicting after an upgrade, downgrade that tweak, go to the tweak on Cydia, go into Change Package Settings, and turn on “Ignore Updates”

For everyone, who is having random reboots and resprings on unc0ver, even on latest beta B49.

Only solution worked for me was : Remove iCleaner/iCleaner Pro from device.It sounds odd, but this thing worked on my two devices, both are on latest unc0ver beta. One is iphone X and other one is 6s plus.

For people who have issues with Wifi & Mobile Data on u0.

Just sharing what fixed Wifi & Mobile Data not working properly for me:1. Restart iDevice if jailbroken2. Open u0 app & Disable Auto Updates option3. Jailbreak4. If that fixed Wifi & Mobile Data for you, you can restart your phone again, re-enable Auto Updates option & re-jailbreak.​Not sure why Auto Updates option caused Wifi & Mobile Data issues, maybe it's a bug in u0, idk.