Jailbreak tips

IREB still works on 10.2 for soft recovery loops.

Found out when my 6S randomly went in Recovery Mode

Dune working perfectly on A12 (X MAX)

Unc0ver b31 is working very smooth better stay there till major update. Now appsync is working we can install our .debs. To disable jailbreak detection and substitute I installed nosub. Works great. Flex3 is also supported. Now it’s waiting for icleaner pro.

If you forget your BioProtect password, you change reset it in Filza/SHH!.

It is located in the following plist file:/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/net.limneos.bioprotect.plistYou can reset it or just view it!

[[Apps Manager]] now fully works on iOS 11!.

You can use this to backup, restore and wipe data from any user app. You can also use it to find the data and bundle folder location, disk usage and version!

Portait LockPortrait Lock - Turn on/off rotation lock automatically when specified apps are opened.

Awesome tweak that I found. Works fine on my a12 on 12.1. I’m not the devRepo: https://cydia.alexbeals.com/Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ARMer2d

All those people asking for a passcode that scrambles the numbers around, here you go.


Remember that some apps can be sideloaded onto non jailbroken devices.

Cercube, youtube tools, ++ apps and more can be sideloaded on 11.3.1! It will definitely help while we wait for the electra team to do their thing. If a tutorial is needed I can make one but it is not that hard! Only bad part is that you have to sideload every week. But still better than nothing.

How to reload system Daemons and reduce random resprings.

1- Download iCleaner pro2- reboot and then open unc0ver and select disable load tweaks and also enable reload system deamons and then tap on jailbreak.3- After it successfully jailbreaks go back to icleaner pro and disable substrate tweaks.4- open unc0ver and enable load tweaks then tap on re-jailbreak. 5- after it jailbreaks open icleaner and enable substrate tweaks and when you apply tap on respring and then you are done.(Random resprings is because of the ram being completely full and I honestly don’t know why is iOS not managing it in a correct way but it resprings less with reload system daemons on)