Jailbreak tips

If your device suffer of battery draining look with CocoaTop for atwakeup daemon.

I'm on 12.1.1 jailbroken with unc0ver b41 and my battery life recently start to decrease very quickly. I try to understand if some tweaks installed could cause the culprit , and finally notice by looking in [[CocoaTop]] that the atwakeup process appeared every 4/5 sec and was eating too much RAM.My battery life rise again after installed the [[NoATWAKEUP X]] tweak from TheComputerWhisperer's Repo ( https://legitcomputerwhisperer.github.io) that i can confirm to works on 12.1.1

For anyone facing a "Safe Mode" loop, update NCLink10. Apparently, something started to work wrong with it but it already has an update :).

I've seen some questions about this and I just wanted to address it.

If you tap on the Lockglyph its as if you pressed on the home button.

Just thought id share

Be careful spoofing location if you have Apple Watch, even 1st generation.

So last night I went to the bar after work and told a certain someone that I was working late. I used [[LocationFaker]] to make my phone think I was still at work. I have a first generation Apple Watch which doesn't have gps. That certain someone used find my phone to pinpoint the exact location of my watch. She even sent me a screenshot. WTF? i thought the watch only connected to my phone. even if the bar has wifi, i never agreed to connect to it. What Happened?

[Tutorial] Get Special Faces Watchfaces for ever.

I saw many people having the Watchfaces disappear after a while so I thought I would tell you how I got them since 3 days and they never disappeared.1.: go into the "Watch" App and choose a Nike+/Hermes face, customise it how you like it and add it to your Watch2.: now go to the "My Watch" tab, tap on "edit" and delete all your other Watchfaces 3.: Tadaa you now have a permanent Special FaceEDIT: For some users, it doesn't work. I can just say it works for me since 3 days. If you haven't tried it yet, you should definitely try it, as the steps are very easy.EDIT 2: It just disappeared (day 4)

If you use the tweak [[MusicMoreColumns]] and [[My Music+]] you can get up to four columns

For those user that are looking for disable the space between the status bar and the music app in now playing view. Tweak name (UnroundMyMusicApp) ios 11