Jailbreak tips

Keep in Mind When Using Battery Stat Tweaks.

When using a battery stats tweak like DetailedBatteryUsage or BatteryUsageEnhancer, please keep in mind that the percents beside apps and background daemons are not x% of your battery. They are x% of the total power used.Eg. You use 50% of your battery that day and see Mediaserverd used 7%, it's not 7% of the whole battery but actually only 7% of the 50% used.I hope this helps clear up any confusion.Edit: added a picture and noticed that I can't spell.

Do not install and run the latest beta of Flex 3, it will instantly reboot your device!

100% Un-Jailbreak Without Computer and Updating.

So what I did was Install Filza And Stashing 10.2 then Ran OSRestoreX Then Rest All Content And Settings. Then after the rest I Re-jailbroke my iPhone and installed only Filza. And Manly Searched All Cydia and any related Cydia App/Tweaks I had previously installed. Just in case there where left overs even after the rest. And Manually Deleted all related Jailbreak Teaks/apps In Filza and finally I did a iPhone rest all setting and contents again And There I had a full Cydia Free iPhone and I was able to run any app that had Jailbreak Detection. Including the Fire Emblem Heroes 1.5.1 update.

A warning about Flex patches.

Just wanted to write a warning to all, I recently made a Flex patch to remove the NC edit widgets button. After a long time of trying to figure out why my phone would enter safemode after a few hours, progressively getting slower, I have realised this patch was the cause. I never really thought Flex could cause such an issue, since I always figured the springboard would either crash immediately or it would be fine. I have a feeling some of my other flex patches for the springboard are causing lag spikes too and slow app launches. I just wanted to write this in case anyone else is puzzled as to why their phone is unstable, so I suggest testing patches thoroughly before use.

See how many tabs are open on iOS 10 (Safari, without Jailbreak).

So earlier today I saw a post about releasing a tab counter for safari on iOS 10. And a comment about that apple hasn't released something like it yet.So I thought I could share this thing, if you already didn't know.You just need to hold the tab button (the button you press to open all the tabs and see them, pic below) and it'll say how many tabs you have opened and if you want, you can close em all. (You could also hold the done button)https://imgur.com/a/yQTTp (I have too many tabs opened lol)iPhone 7 iOS 10.1.1

Ventana & ClassicFolder 2 For unc0ver released by Jake James.

Add this repo and enjoy : Repo : https://jakeashacks.ga/cydia/

Don’t use ‘-i’ Command to extract SEP and Baseband.

Just got my iphone messed up by getting error code 11 through futurerestore. -i command is still having problems so try to extract SEP and Baseband manually from 11.4 ipsw while using futurerestore.

Plus sized devices can use 1296x2304 resolution in Re:Scale for smaller UI elements.

This gives you 20% more screen real estate, but you'll need a 3rd party keyboard or Flex tweak to fix the slightly off-center keyboard.Edit - To fix launch animations, use the Flex tweak "Animations - Launch Apps With Snapshots". If anyone has a fix for the stock keyboard, please leave it below. Edit 2 - Screenshots here!

[Discussion] I got bored and changed my XS MAX’s lock sound to Minecraft’s “Hurt/Taking Damage” sound. Here is the file so you can too!.

Not really sure why I did this, but if you’d like to change your lock sound as well here is the file!Simply go into Filza, navigate to the UISounds directory, and rename “lock.caf” to “lockOriginal.caf”, then place the Minecraft file you just downloaded from my dropbox into the directory and rename it to “lock.caf”Respring And thats it!As always, I am not responsible for anything you do or damage on your device and be sure to make backups!