Jailbreak tips

FleetingSwitcher11 is compatible with iOS 12! Much easier to navigate to different apps plus swipe up on hokescreen for ‘kill all’. Source: cydiageek.yourepo.com/

If you are in an respring loop, after jailbreak.

  1. Reboot2. Turn off load tweaks3. Jailbreak4. Now open icleaner, and disable all tweaks5. Turn on tweaks in Uncover and jailbreak again6. Now you should fine7. Open icleaner turn on all tweaks 8. Respring9. Enjoy

Simulate slide to unlock using Activator.

For iOS 10**• At Lock Screen • scroll halfway down till you see "SLIDE IN GESTURE"• select From Screen Left • scroll down till you see Local Back, tap on it • Profit You might also want to tap on the "i" beside From Screen Left to adjust sensitivity (from Tight to Very Loose). This method is all for convenience, you can't expect fancy visuals.

If you can't login because Snapchat asks you to update to the latest version.

I'm on iPhone 6s 10.2. Here is what I did :1/ I downloaded the latest version of Snapchat and logged into my account2/ then I opened Filza and browsed to the Documents folder in the the Snapchat app directory.3/ there, you'll find a file called user.plist, copy it somewhere, you'll need it4/ delete the Snapchat app and use AppAdmin to downgrade to 9.45.10 (don't open the app yet)5/ place the file user.plist where you found it initially6/ log into Snapchat7/ profit?I hope this helps.

Activator TouchID double press doesn't work on 4inch device problem solved.

One handed mode (Reachability) is disabled on 4inch devices. Because of this,TouchID double press doesn't work. This problem was solved by installing [[Reachall]]. Thx guys.

DebKeeper - Disable Cydia's cleanup of deb files.

With all the issues going on with people wanting older versions of tweaks or to be able to downgrade, I thought it would be good to remind everybody of this. It will automatically backup the deb file anytime you install a tweak. It won't save old versions of you don't already have the deb file though. It just saves a copy of the one that Cydia downloads. DebKeeper - Disable Cydia's cleanup of deb files.http://www.tateu.net/repo/

Use this terminal command to get all the source links from your 'sileo. sources' file (useful for importing them into Cydia/Zebra).

Grep http /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sileo.sources | sed 's/http/\nhttp/g' | grep ^http | sed 's/(^http[^ <])(.)/\1/g' > /var/mobile/Documents/sileosources.txt

How to fix SafeShutdown until the dev fixes everything and sends out a new version.

What you need to do is first remove his repo (https://kurrt.com/repo) then uninstall his tweak. After both of those are uninstalled, install it from the bigboss repo. It is the old working version. If you want you can install his repo again but not update it so you can still get the new version when everything is fixed.

Re-enabling OTA updates disabled by OTADisabler.

If you disabled OTA updates via unc0ver or iCleaner Pro, it's easy to undo. But OTADisabler doesn't provide an easy way to revert the changes it made, as they will stick around even after uninstalling the tweak.The solution is to delete /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.MobileAsset.plist and do an ldrestart or userspace reboot.Or if you're not jailbroken anymore, use iPhone Backup Extractor to delete Managed Preferences -> mobile -> com.apple.MobileAsset.plist and then restore your device from the backup.

Want such grouped notifications? Use modified axon from https://repo.rpgfarm.com/ (style=group in settings)