Jailbreak tips

Mouse Support for iPhone/iPad!.

MousePort has been released which allows for mouse support in certain apps. It would be awesome to see this implemented system wide!

You guys should try the tweak [[Jumper]] it lets you put custom iPhone X shortcuts without little x

I found a way to tell if the device was OTA updated using fsck.

So I found a way to find out if the device was OTA updated using fsck_hfs on any jailbroken phone:1. Use SSH or MTerminal and log in as root2. Type: fsck_hfs -fy /dev/disk0s1s1If it says 'The volume name is System', that means the device was OTA updated. If it says 'The volume name is CodenameBuildID.DeviceIDOS', that means that the device was iTunes-restored. Now you can either wait for it to finish checking or close the terminal or click Ctrl+C to stop the checking. Edit: If you are getting the error saying that volume is mounted with write access, try adding the -l flag.

[Discussion] overheating and battery draining tweak list.

The following tweaks are most suspected to cause overheating, lagging and obviously battery draining problems as they’re depending on UIKit specifically.**- Flame- SwipeForMore I will be adding more tweaks as I test them myself to confirm. For now, just uninstall the tweaks mentioned and you’ll probably be good. ____________________________________________Know that AppList, Rocketbootstrap and Tweakinjector latest versions are confirmed working perfectly.

Random reboots !solved for me..

I had no reboots at all, then i installed noctis12 & now im on my 3rd reboot in less than 2hours...coincidence?

If you’re running into this issue with downgrading apps using AppAdmin (screenshot below)...

Here’s the error:https://ibb.co/g4Wc1xTThe fix:Hit “Get.” Don’t hold it, just tap like on the stock App Store. Once the app installs, go into the App Store, tap and hold “Open” next to said app, hit “Downgrade” from the menu, and choose the version, If you want to check that this worked, refresh the Updates page in the App Store after you downgrade the app and it should show that an update is available for it (so you’re not on the latest version).Happy tweaking!

We can use futurestored devices!! As we know, we can’t use futurerestored devices after 14 days with passcode enabled. So there is a temporary solution untill that issue get fixed. For use devices without passcode. We can use bioprotect xs with all apps locked. Thank you!

If cydia crashes instantly follow this!.

After reloading data it automatically crashes and never opens again just crash within 2 seconds here is a fix sort of.. ​You need Filza to do this tho. ​1. var/mobile/library/cydia/metadata.cb0 (Whole folder))2. var/mobile/library/caches/com.saurik.Cydia (Whole folder)​And don't worry this won't delete any tweaks or sources

You can now install IPA with Filza iOS 12.

There was an update on Filza, installing IPA files work now and apps opens without a problem!

Having your phone overheating? Or backboardd getting higher, come in.

For two days I’ve looking for solutions for backboardd and overheating, i didn’t find anything could help, suddenly i thought about Succession because it downloads a clean file system, but before you do that make sure your battery has no issue with health or damaged, that fixed my phone i’m now using it for almost 5 hours starting from 100% now its 73% (; .I hope I could explain everything well and i hope this will solve your issue too, sorry for my english if it was not perfect it is not my first language, have a nice day guys.