Jailbreak tips

If you want to log statistics on downloads from your own Repo, you can use a link shortener.

I own a few github repos, and I have found that the best way of logging downloads has been to put my depictions into bitly, and then put the bitly shortened link into my packages file. That way I’m able to track how many people at the very least click on my packages, which should be in the same ballpark as actual downloads.

Flashing Animations when app switching - A FIX.

I found one of the biggest reason why apps flash when switching between them : - ColorBanners 2This, for me, was the culprit for the flashing animations. As soon as I removed it, it stopped completely. It’s sad though because it’s one of my favourite tweak. Tweaks that I found causing flashes include :- MiscSettings- MiDevice- NotificaHope this will resolve the flashes for y’all. Happy tweaking to everyone.

How to duplicate apps the easy way.

So i decided to post this since there is no easy explanation on how to duplicate apps.i tried this myself and found this the easiest way.1. Install bfdecrypt2. Decrypt your choice off app3.extract decrypted ipa and change bundle id to whatever name you want.4.zip payload and change extension to .ipa5.install ipa using Filza.6.sign ipa using reprovision Done!

Unable to place device into recovery mode from Normal mode (Fail code=-2) when futurerestoring from iOS10 on Meridian.

Okay so, if you are facing [Error] Unable to place device into recovery mode from Normal mode [Error] Fail code=-2 Failed with errorcode=-2While attempting futurerestore from 10.x jailbroken on Meridian - it is because broken ldrestart binary on meridian.In order to fix:​1. Use Meridian.ipa to set up the nonce and jailbreak2. Follow the guide up until the point it says Entering recovery mode3. Manually put your device into recovery mode by holding Power + Vol -, keep holding once you see apple logo, up until the point the screen goes black (google how to put your device in recovery mode if you are not sure how to do this)4. futurerestore process should run normally after that.

If your Chimera app crashes after 2/3.

If your app crashes at 2/3... Chimera says you’re already jailbroken...then open Sileo and make sure that it works. If that’s the case then open up a terminal... and run ldrestart from there. You’ll then be re-jailbroken in no time. Seems to be an issue similar to uncover with the daemons I guess...

How to check what IOS an iDevice will ship with.

I see this question now and then and I might as well answer this now. You can check the age of the iDevice through the serial number on the outside of the box. Use https://sndeep.info/en to get the age and then you will be able to do the math from there. You may also use https://fecaleagle.github.io which can tell you the approximate iOS version the device will be running out of the box (keep in mind this may not be as accurate as the last link).

If you are not already on 11.3.1, and are waiting for the new jailbreak, update ASAP

Cant ssh on the same network.

I stumbled upon this issue, where i couldn't ssh into my iphone from my computer, even on the same network. While many of you dont have this issue, some probably does.Follow this guide LINK to ssh trough usb cable. It isnt really hard and it still works even though its from 2012. I had no issue with neither putty or winscp. If you have any questions feel free to msg me

If you’re experience battery drain, delete BetterCCXI.

Like the title says, I was losing a percent a minute with it installed but now that I uninstalled it my battery is back to normal. Hope this helps!

Nonce and blobs 11.3.1.

Just keep in mind if you have blobs for 11.3.1 you are fine. To those who have the blobs but did not set the nonce from Coolstar's tweet. You can edit those .shsh2 files and put those nonces multiplying the whole file. Correct me if I'm wrong.Also, / isn't my first language so sorry.