Jailbreak tips

Don't use bad gifs in Gif2Ani because it puts your phone in a respring loop that you can only fix by jailbreaking without tweaks and daemons and then removing the tweak in cydia.

Also if you reinstall the app after that, apparently it keeps your settings and the bad gif is still there, so also never reinstall it again or you gotta do it all again.

New unsub update works with steam link app for a12 chimera devices, simply 3d touch and choose unsub. I don't know why this works it just does. For iPhone XR install the peek-a-boo a12 fix (search the sub) and set sensitivity to 1.8-2.3

Testimonial about unc0ver versions.

Hi everybody,Just to say quickly; unc0ver b46 is the most stable for me. No reboot, no need to unload tweaks and use icleaner pro and then re-jailbreak...etc...

CocoaTop works with iOS 12!

If you were having weird badge animations (zooming in) with Snowboard. Update to the latest version.

Updated and now I can use Zenith without the badge zooming into my face. Also, note; the update isn’t on the Chariz repo. Get it from “https://sparkdev.me”

Jailbreaking unc0ver 100% success rate.

This tip mainly if your uncover restart your iPhone after trying to jailbreak. I found this working for me every single time. Lets find out if's working for you as well: •Close all apps. •Switch to airplane mode (wireless, Bluetooth off as well). •Open setting then, siri & search. •Disable or enable any siri & suggestions toggle in app section. •Close setting. •Open uncover and waite for 4 seconds. •Hit jailbreak. Let me know if it works for you as well.

If Updates blocking doesn't work for Appstore++/AppAdmin rejailbreak with Reload Daemons On.

After you rejailbreak with the Reload Deamons set to on, go ahead and unblock all the apps you want and then block them again. Your apps will be perma blocked even in unjailbroken State!

Buy a non compatible tweak no matter what.

If you want to buy a Cydia tweak no matter what iOS version you're on follow this procedure:- Go to /System/Library/CoreServices and open the SystemVersion.plist with iFile- Go to the last <string> line where it says 7.1.2 (or the iOS version you're on) and change it to 7.0.6 (or the iOS version you want)- Then save your file and go to Cydia to buy your tweak (DO NOT CLICK ON INSTALL AND RESPRING YET)- Return to the SystemVersion.plist file and change it back to 7.1.2 (or the iOS version you're on)- Then go to Cydia and click on Install and RespringYou should now have the tweak you wanted on your device !WARNING: this procedure is for the people who know the tweak they want is compatible with their iOS version. Those Cydia warnings are usually here for a reason.