Jailbreak tips

Don't Be Afraid to iRestore/futurerestore. Upgraded iPhone X on 11.3.1 With Electra JB To 12.1.2 on Windows 10 x64 Bit Utilizing 12.1.3 SEP/Baseband/Manifest

Camera/GPS on A12 (XS/XS Max) unc0ver are fully working if you jailbreak with these settings

Just wait for electra.

I’ve been on 11.1.2 changed my resolution (5 months ago‽)Got blackscreend and it was terribleSeriously guys i know you all want to try out Houdini etc but its really not worth it.We just gotta wait for a stable electra.

With FloatyDock. While in an app, swipe from bottom of screen to show the dock, hold and drag a desired icon onto the screen to open split screen! I’m sure most are aware but I wasn’t and I thought I’d share this useful little tweak for anyone who might find it helpful.

Can’t sign into your Apple ID due to no input field for 2FA?.

As soon as you know the code, put it in the password field alongside your password. E.g. username: jailbreakingisawesomePassword: waituntilyougeterrorsYou get 2FA code : 666666username: jailbreakingisawesomePassword: waituntilyougeterrors666666I had just re-jail broken my iPod Touch 4 ( 6.1.6 ) and found out that I couldn’t sign into any apple service......

For those Jailbroken and are crying foul of bad battery life please stop habit of closing all Apps in the App-Switcher it takes more power to load them back into memory when re-opening them again.

Title says it all

Use Multiplexer! I'm lovin it!

NControl and CarBridge together to play games on your car screen.


For those looking to see if your device can be jailbroken, refer to this chart-